10 Gorgeous Kitchen Wallpaper & Wall Decor Ideas

10 Gorgeous Kitchen Wallpaper & Wall Decor Ideas

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent more time than ever in your kitchen over the last few years. Hello, meal prep between zoom meetings and at-home date nights with friends, significant others, or the lovely company of yourself (💁‍♀️). The more we cook, the more we find ourselves craving kitchen spaces that inspire us.

Since studies show decorating and cleaning your space can make you happier, it’s the perfect time to invest in your kitchen. However, kitchen remodels can be (very) expensive. In fact, HomeAdvisor cites the average kitchen remodel price is between $13,494 and $38,095. Not to mention, HGTV estimates a kitchen remodel takes about 6-8 weeks! So what do you do if you want to transform your kitchen with less of an investment of time and money? Consider updating your wall decor with wall decals, wallpaper, and wall murals! They add a significant change of scenery that takes only a few hours to install (or less) and a fraction of the cost.
From bohemian wall decor designs to fruit-themed decals to floral decor, we have something for every kitchen and every cook’s personality. Happy cooking!

How to design a kitchen with wall decals

Our decals are designed to be adjustable to match your creative flair, personality, and vision. Whether you want to update the interior of your cabinets, a pantry, or an entire wall, our decals and murals can be adjusted for a variety of spaces, big and small.

Here are a few popular ways our Urbanwalls community has styled their decals:
  • Interior lining for cabinets & drawers
  • Breakfast nook
  • Kitchen / surrounding area walls
  • Inside a pantry
  • Coffee corner nook
  • Above a sink

Bohemian Wall Decor Designs

Are you drawn to bohemian and artsy designs? Below are wall decor ideas that are inspired by a spirit of wandering, adventure, and natural landscapes. May they inspire new recipes and a love of creativity in the kitchen!

Mystic Marble Wall Decals

mystic marble wall decals in a kitchen

Get the look: Mystic Marble.

Painted Desert Wall Mural

painted desert wall mural in a bohemian looking kitchen

Get the look: Painted Desert Wall Mural.

Marble Stones Wall Decal

marble stone decal in a cute kitchen
Get the look: Marble Stones Wall Decals.

Fruit-Themed Wall Decals

Prefer a cute & playful style? Something sweet and simple? Fruit-themed decals are adorable additions to a kitchen that will add instant color and joy to a space. Plus, you’ll always have a friendly reminder to eat your plants! :)

Tangerines in Greens

cute spring tangerines

Get the look: Tangerines in Greens.


cute lemon wall decor in a kitchen pantry

Get the look: Lemon Wall Decals.

Floral Designs

As Claude Monet once said, “I must have flowers, always and always.” Add flowers to your kitchen walls and bring a sense of the outdoors inside with these floral-inspired decals. You’ll feel like you’re truly cooking in nature!

Thistle and Palm Wall Decal

thistle and palm wall decal from urbanwalls against a dining room set up

Get the look: Thistle and Palm Wall Decals.

Dried Fan Palm Decal

dried fan palm decal in a stunning bohemian kitchen

Get the look: Dried Fan Palm Decal.

Flower Buds Wall Decals

grey flower decal on kitchen wall with storage

Get the look: Flower Buds Wall Decals.

Flower Buds Wall Decals

daisy floral wall decals in a beautiful modern kitchen

Get the look: Daisy Wall Decals.

Are peel-and-stick wallpaper & decals easily removable?

Yes! We ensure our decals, murals, and wallpapers can be added and removed with ease. So don’t worry about these designs causing damage to your walls. They’re made to leave your walls as they were.

See more wall decal ideas to make your home cozier and decal ideas for your playroom.

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