Wall Decal Ideas To Make Your Home Cozier for Winter

Wall Decal Ideas To Make Your Home Cozier for Winter

Maybe it’s the chillier temperatures, the seasonal lattes, and chunky sweaters, but there’s something about the winter that makes us want our homes to feel extra intentional and cozy. We’re talking, the perfect place to curl up under a blanket, watch holiday flicks, and connect with loved ones (in person or over FaceTime). Can you relate? If you, like us, are looking for a simple change with instant cozy vibes, consider adding wall decals to your home. 

Below we rounded up five wall decal ideas that will transform any room into a more lived-in and loved space. They’re easy to apply and easy to remove, so you can enjoy them fully, knowing you can swap them with something new come springtime if you choose. Cheers to a wonderful and cozy season! 

Instant Cozy Vibes: 5 Wall Decal Decoration Ideas for Winter 

1. Add decals to windows

Christmas Cheer Wall Decals

Want to make a room feel cozy while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic? Wall decals add instant flair without taking up an inch of space. These peel-and-stick snowflakes will instantly transform your space into a cozy dream come true. Recreate the look: Christmas Cheer Wall Decals (designed especially for windows and glass and come in 25+ colors). 

2. Incorporate subtle texture to empty walls

Dried Fan Palm Leaf Wall Decal

Texture immediately warms up a room. If you have an empty wall, consider filling the space with a wall decal like the Dried Fan Palm Leaf.  Recreate the look: Dried Fan Palm Leaf Wall Decal.

3. Maximize small (and unexpected) spaces

Christmas Holly Wall Decals

It’s easy to overlook small areas, such as the space around a mirror, but those spaces can be treasure troves for decorations. They make a big and cozy impact partially because it’s so unexpected! Recreate the look: Christmas Holly Wall Decals.

4. Embrace nooks

Little Nutcracker Set Wall Decals

Turn a corner of your home into lovable eye candy! Adding peel-and-stick wall decals near baseboards is a playful way to add decoration to areas of your walls that often go less-noticed. Recreate the look: Little Nutcracker Set Wall Decals

5. Warm up your bedroom

Constellation Wall Decals

Our bedrooms are a place of rest or rejuvenation. But we know the space above the head can be a challenge to decorate, with or without a headboard. Consider adding wall decals that speak to you for a creative decoration that’s also earth-quake proof, so you can sleep extra peacefully. Recreate the look: Constellation Wall Decals

Are these peel and stick wall art decals easily removable?

Yes! All of our peel-and-stick wall decals are intentionally designed to be installed and removed with ease.  You can rotate your wallpaper as the seasons change and as your tastes evolve. We make enough commitments in our lives, why not experiment a bit with our wall decor? :) See our Installation Instructions for more details. 

Do you have textured walls in your home? See our tips for how to apply wallpaper & decals to textured spaces.

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