12 Cute Playroom Wall Decals Your Kids Will Love

12 Cute Playroom Wall Decals Your Kids Will Love

A playroom is more than a spot to store toys; it’s a place for children to let their imaginations take up space, experiment with new ideas, and make memories. As Fred Rogers once said, “Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” It’s truly the heart of a home for little ones! Whether you have a dedicated room for all things related to playtime or a nook you’re setting aside for games and toys, embrace every inch of space with cute and vibrant wall decor. From sweet and simple polka dots to minimalistic quote decals to beautiful planet designs, our collection of wall decals at Urbanwalls has something for everyone.

Plus, we know from experience that the design of your playrooms will change as your kids grow up and evolve. That’s why our peel-and-stick decals are easy to install and easy to  remove without causing damage to your walls. So if your child’s love of marine mammals is swapped with a fascination with forests, you’ll be able to update the room’s wall art with ease! 

Update Your Playroom Wall Decor: 12 Cute Wall Decals Your Kids will Love 

1. PLAY Wall Decal

PLAY Wall Decal

This quote wall decal makes a big statement! A reminder for kiddos (and adults) to have fun, enjoy little moments of joy, and, of course, PLAY!  The minimalist, gender-neutral, and versatile design pairs effortlessly with a variety of colors and styles. Get the look: PLAY Wall Decal

2. Constellation Wall Decals

Constellation Wall Decals

Inspire your kiddos to reach for the sky and connect with the world around them. These charming and beautiful decals add a celestial touch to any room. Plus, you have freedom to style it in a way that you choose, such as over a toy chest or covering an entire wall. Get the look: Constellation Wall Decals.

3. Desert Plant Wall Decals

Desert Plant Wall Decals

We may be biased, but we think nature decals make for a wonderful accent to any wall - from playrooms and bedrooms to kitchens and laundry rooms. This pack comes with a versatile and illustrated collection of flora, fauna, palm trees, fan leaves, and aloe. Get the look: Desert Plant Wall Decals

4. Mini Ombre Rainbows Wall Decals

Mini Ombre Rainbows Wall Decals

Bring all the color and joy to the playroom with these adorable Mini Ombre Rainbows Wall Decals. They’re whimsical, minimalistic, and vibrant - everything you want in a playroom!  Get the look: Mini Ombre Rainbows Wall Decals.

5. Watercolor Leaves Wall Decals

Watercolor Leaves Wall Decals

Embrace nature in the playroom with the Watercolor Leaves Wall Decals. They’re dainty, charming, and sure to bring a smile to your kiddo’s face! Get the look: Watercolor Leaves Wall Decals.

6. Blue Planets Wall Decals

Blue Planets Wall Decals

The possibilities are endless with the Blue Planets Wall Decals. Your child will feel like they’re in their own personal universe! Get the look: Blue Planets Wall Decals

7. Little Sharks Wall Decals

Little Sharks Wall Decals

Do your kids love the ocean and marine mammals? Surround them with these darling little shark decals! It’ll transport them to a world under the sea every time they go to play. Get the look: Little Sharks Wall Decals

8. Geo Pattern Wall Decals

Geo Pattern Wall Decals

You truly can’t go wrong with these fun and quirky geo pattern wall decals! No matter how you style them, they’ll add joy and creativity to every wall. Get the look: Geo Pattern Wall Decals

9. Teal Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals

Teal Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals

“Head in the clouds” takes on a new meaning with these Teal Hot Air Balloons. We love this wall art because it brings imaginative flair, whimsy and energy to a room. A perfect choice for a little daydreamer! Note: this design is available in pink too. Get the look: Teal Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals.

10. Pink Watercolor Flowers Wall Decals

Pink Watercolor Flowers Wall Decals

Surround yourself with flowers with our Pink Watercolor Flowers Wall Decals.  It’s a stylish way to bring the outdoors in - and soak up a sense of wandering in a room. Get the look: Pink Watercolor Flowers Wall Decals

11. Lemon Wall Decals

Lemon Wall Decals

Add a juicy twist to a cozy nook or craft room with these darling lemon wall decals! Bright, cheerful, and colorful. Get the look: Lemon Wall Decal

12. Bohemian Palms Wall Decals

Bohemian Palms Wall Decals

    These big and beautiful decals make a big statement! They’re a playful and breezy addition with enchanting flair. Get the look: Bohemian Palms Wall Decals.

    Can’t decide which design will look best in your room? Try our new Virtual Design Assistant Service!  Simply upload a photo of your room, pick a wall art design, and we’ll show you how it will look in your home.

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