10 Minimalistic Home Trends To Look Out For in 2022

10 Minimalistic Home Trends To Look Out For in 2022

A quick scan through Pinterest will reveal that many people are turning their homes into very low-key spaces, adorned with muted colors and simple, streamlined furnishings.

There are plenty of reasons why they're doing so.

Perhaps they find themselves overwhelmed by their busy lifestyles, or want to simplify their surroundings. Are you ready to defy the usual decorating rules? Ready to conquer your space and make it your own?

The word "minimalistic" has been tossed around a lot lately. What does it mean? In the simplest of terms, minimalism is about stripping back everything to its bare essentials.

It's not about living without—rather, it's all about removing any excess from your life and focusing on what really matters. After reading this article, you'll have a better understanding of how to incorporate these minimalist interior design ideas into your home space for a more streamlined lifestyle.

What is Minimalism And When Did It Start?

Before we explore the trends, let's take a quick look at what minimalism is all about.

According to the Minimalists, "minimalism" is defined as "a form of artistic expression characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity." It started in the 1950s as an art movement, but it has recently crossed over into the mainstream.

It's also referred to as the "less is more" concept that carries more emotional weight than you might anticipate.

The extreme simplicity of your minimalistic home interior design means that everything in the space has a reason for being there.

This way, you'll be able to lead a simpler lifestyle and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

The key is to maintain this balance in your life. It's all about staying focused on what matters most, cutting back on the rest, and having a simplified lifestyle.

Now, here are the top ten minimalistic interior design trends that we’re excited about.

Open The Door And Invite Nature In

Open the Door And Invite Nature In
Ferns & Eucalyptus Wall Decals

One of the best ways to create a natural minimalistic interior design is to open the doors and invite nature inside. Bring the outdoors in by using natural materials like wood, stone and plants. Don’t be afraid to let some of nature's imperfections show. After all, that's what makes it beautiful!

If you're not sure where to start, here are a few tips:

  • Try using natural materials in your furniture and décor, like wood or stone.
  • Add plants to your home for a pop of color and freshness.
  • Create focal points with large pieces of art or mirrors that reflect nature.
  • Use light colors to brighten up your space and create an airy feeling.

With a few simple tweaks, your home can become a natural sanctuary where you can escape from the hectic world.

It also should be noted that it's not just about adding natural materials either. Be careful of how you use these materials and make sure that they're not scattered about haphazardly. Here's a little more information on the different types of materials and their meanings.

Minimalist Design: Natural Materials

  • Wood: Wood signifies warmth and a connection to nature. It also represents strength and security.
  • Stone: Stone is a strong, earthy material and signifies the qualities of composure and stability. However, it can also sometimes signify stubbornness and rigidity.
  • Plants: Plants are the easiest way to bring some greenery into your home. Nature has a calming effect that helps us relax and unwind, which is great for clearing the mind and relieving stress. Plants also signify growth and rejuvenation, as well as harmony with nature.

Be sure to use these materials sparingly so that they don't feel overwhelming in your space. Combine them with other materials like glass or metal for a sleek, modern, minimalist interior design. Create focal points by using large pieces of art made from these materials.

Clean, Crisp Composure

Another common trend in minimalistic home décor is white walls, clean lines and neutral colors. There's a certain crispness these elements add to a space and they combine together well, creating a calm atmosphere.

White gives the illusion of more space and light, and sharp whites add a sense of purity and cleanliness.

Of course, there's nothing to say that you have to use only white. Try soft, muted color palettes to create a more homely feel.

You can also add pops of bright colors through accessories or larger pieces of wall art, wallpaper or wall murals.

Don't be afraid to experiment with patterns for visual interest!

Another new minimalistic design trend has emerged with the use of metallic elements in home décor. They're sleek and modern, but they also have some masculine qualities that are perfect for creating more unisex spaces.

Eclipse Moon Wall Decals

Eclipse Moon Wall Decals

Minimalist Design: Metals

  • Choose metallic minimalistic accessories like candlesticks, vases, and even lampshades to add a luxurious touch.
  • Try accenting key features like walls and fireplaces with metallic finishes.
  • Metallic paints and wallpaper bring shine and brightness to a room. This is perfect for those who may feel their space is a little dark.
  • For a more luxe look, try using metallic elements in your accessories.
  • Try combining different types of metals for a bit of contrast.
  • If you're choosing metallic minimalist aesthetic wallpaper, keep it simple with just one accent wall or around the fireplace.

Forget the Fabrics

If you're going for a minimalistic aesthetic, you're going to want to cut out the clutter. The easiest way to do this is to cut out the fabrics.

When it comes to streamlined home decor, think light and airy. Choose simple materials like wood, glass, stone, and metal to create a stunning interior design.

This means going for quality over quantity, opting for only a few statement pieces that make a big impact.

  • No rule says you can't use fabrics in a minimalist space. In fact, you can use the bare minimum to create a stunning effect.
  • Just bear in mind that adding lots of heavy fabrics may not be the best idea for a space that's going to be put under a lot of stress.
  • You can use natural fibers like cotton or linen in your accessories, but make sure it's lightweight.
  • For something different, try using raw materials like felt or leather (deerskin or snakeskin).

Think Outside the Box

Furniture is key to creating minimalistic home décor. It's where you spend most of your time and therefore plays an important role in your overall design.

Minimalist furniture focuses on clean lines and simplicity, so it's important to choose carefully. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Choose furniture that has clean lines and isn't overly ornate or embellished with too many decorations.
  • If you want to keep things interesting, choose furniture with unique shapes. Oval tables are a great choice because they have an organic shape, which makes them feel more welcomed in your space.
  • For something different, try using furniture with pedestals or open shelves (similar to the style of mid-century modern minimalistic furniture design). This allows you to add accessories and decorations to create a whimsical feel.

Minimalistic furniture can be made from a variety of materials, but you'll notice that most of the time, they're made from simple materials like wood and metal.

Try mixing and matching different furniture sets to create a unique feel. Don't be afraid to invest in a few statement pieces here and there, to bring a unique touch to your home.

Minimalist Design: Standout Pieces

  • A quality wooden dining table is a great start. Make it the focal point of your dining area and complement it with a few simple matching chairs.
  • You can also create a statement piece by choosing furniture made from unique materials like leather and wood, or glass and metal.
  • Minimalist accessories like vases and candleholders help to bring in small doses of color, texture, and interest without cluttering your space.
  • Add in minimalistic accessories to create an air of romance, femininity, or even masculinity. This is where you can get creative with vases and sculptures.
  • Use minimalist wall décor designs with nothing but a large piece of art or an accent wall (if you don't want to create a full feature wall). You can check out our large collection of minimalistic wallpapers, wall decals, and murals.

Moon Phases Wall Decal

Moon Phases Wall Decal

Keep it Simple

If you're going for a minimalist room design, it's important to keep your accessories simple. You can add in a few statement pieces throughout, such as a simple wooden dining set, small-scaled lights, and vases. However, make sure you keep the color scheme neutral and let the décor be the central focus.

Minimalist interior design and home décor are about letting the design stand out, not the color scheme or patterned furniture. Leave it simple and let your unique décor speak for itself.

Keep your accessories simple and add them sparingly to avoid clutter.

For example, by using a minimalist aesthetic flower wallpaper, you can beautify your home décor space, making it full of blossoms and nature.

 Magnolia Blooms Wallpaper

Magnolia Blooms Wallpaper

Use Eco-friendly and Sustainable Materials

In 2022, sustainable materials will be a must for most homeowners.

You can use eco-friendly materials in your minimalist interior design without compromising on quality and style.

Start with choosing organic materials that are lightweight and can be used in a variety of finishes.

Then use natural fibers for your rugs, pillows, curtains, table cloths, and duvet covers to give the home a cozy, comfy feel.

Eco-friendly materials make a huge difference in your minimalist home décor and they're not as expensive as you think. Make the eco-friendly switch and save money in the long run while protecting the environment.

Create Your Zen Haven

Every Day She Rises Mirror Decal
Every Day She Rises Mirror Decal

Minimalist Zen interior design is all about creating a haven for you to relax.

Choose neutral colors and materials for a Zen feel, then add in a few pops of color for visual interest.

Create a spa-like niche, add in plants and candles to create an oasis for your home.

Be careful with picking out your furniture, sofas, and armchairs. These should be lightweight and relaxed-looking to transfer your stress away.

For a truly Zen feel, focus on keeping the space clean and clutter-free. Clear away the unnecessary items and let your minimalistic Zen interior design speak for itself.

Simply adding a minimalistic mirror decal can catch your guests' attention without overpowering their senses.

Multipurpose Rooms Have The Stage

Pine Tree Wall Decals

Pine Tree Wall Decals

In 2022, we'll see a bigger emphasis on multipurpose rooms.

It's going to be common for homeowners to use the same room for different purposes. For example, you can use a dining table as a workstation during the day and serve meals at night.

Separating different areas of the room with screens or furniture can also help create a multipurpose space and keep you less distracted.

To save space and keep homes clutter-free, you'll need multipurpose pieces that can be used for different functions.

For your bathrooms and bedrooms, you can also add storage areas that are well organized and are out of sight, such as in your cupboards.

Small Spaces With A Big Effect

Minimalistic home décor design works best in small spaces, and we're going to see a shift in the way people design small spaces in 2022.

You might be surprised at the difference you can create with small space décor, so don't underestimate them!

Partitioning the room into different areas with screens, furniture or shelves helps create an illusion of space.

With partitioned layouts, each area can be developed separately to create a personalized space.

Remember, if it's too small for partitioning, you can always opt for gorgeous bright lighting and less clutter. Clear away the unnecessary items and create a sense of spaciousness with open floor plans and lighting effects.

Minimalist Design: Lighting

  • Lighting is the key to creating a stunning interior. The light has to be centralized, but not too bright.
  • Think about using chandeliers and hanging lights as the focal point of the room, or if your home is more contemporary you can use pendants.
  • You can also create a stunning effect with lamps. If you choose floor or table lamps that use simple materials like wood, metal, and glass, you'll create a stunning effect on the ceiling as well.
  • Don't forget about candles! They're a great way to get a soft glow and add a scent to the room.

Design Your Own Destiny

Desert Diamonds Wallpaper

Desert Diamonds Wallpaper

Homeowners should have more control over their own destiny.

We're going to see a bigger trend towards being able to design a space that's just right for you and your needs.

You will be able to choose different elements that will turn a room from a boring space into your dream home.

You can simply design your own destiny by adding personalized elements that will make your space unique.

For instance, with a few easy steps, you can transform your walls into something authentically you, with the use of minimalistic wallpapers and wall décor designs.

Customization is the key to happiness, so make sure that your home reflects you and your interests!

Make Your Minimalistic Space Your Personal Refuge

Minimalistic design is all about eliminating the unnecessary and focusing on just a few elements.

It's about creating space, air, and breathing room.

It's about taking the time to appreciate what you have instead of always wanting more. It's about feeling refreshed every day.

Additionally, it's about adding in fewer elements, but creating a bigger impact on the design of your home, no matter how big or small.

In 2022, we'll see a bigger emphasis on minimalistic design.

It's going to be common for homeowners to look at their homes in a different way.

Some of the trends we will be seeing in 2022 include: clearing away the unnecessary items, partitioning spaces for multiple purposes, and adding in custom elements.

So, if you want to make your home a more energizing space, make sure you incorporate some of these trends.

It's all about creating your own destiny, so don't delay any longer!

Shop our catalog of minimalistic wallpaper and wall decals to get inspired and make your space meaningfully yours.

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