• Garden Flower & Crib Giveaway!

    Garden Flower & Crib Giveaway!

    Everyone loves free stuff. No use pretending that you don’t. So we thought…how about giving away a pack of our brand new, totally gorgeous Garden Flower decals? But then Da Vinci Baby went and made our giveaway EVEN BETTER (how?!) by throwing in a white Lila crib, complete with luxurious oatmeal fabric texturing. Um…yes. Please. And...

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  • Killer Style in an Unkillable Plant

    Killer Style in an Unkillable Plant

    When jewelry designer extraordinaire Leah Alexandra decided she wanted us to add a little magic to her office walls, we couldn’t have been more excited. We told her to come up with a decal idea she’d like to see every day. Hilariously, she joked that she struggled to keep plants alive, so...

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  • Nutty For Acorn Decals

    Nutty For Acorn Decals

    New decal arrivals for us mean new design inspiration for you! Can you imagine? The rich scent of a pine forest, seeds blowing in the wind, late afternoon sunlight peeking through the leaves…The great outdoors is calling and we must decorate! With our new Acorn decal pack you can squirrel away woodland design...

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