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Month of Eden - Room Tour: West of Eden Mural

Posted on by Danielle Hardy

Sometimes major life events call for celebrations. Sometimes those celebrations lead to gorgeous new spaces!  As a mom of two boys, Julie was ecstatic to learn she was pregnant with her first daughter, Eliza, and wanted to create a pretty, feminine space for her new daughter to grow up. (Talk about a celebration!)
Inspired by a baby blanket she had purchased before Eliza was born, Julie was so pleased when she came across the West of Eden Mural from Urbanwalls’ new Sahara Collection. With vintage colors and bohemian vibes, Julie felt the West of Eden Mural would go perfectly with her vision for sweet Eliza’s nursery.
As a Vancouver-based photographer, Julie captured photos of her West of Eden Mural installation, illustrating how the right décor can truly make a room bloom. Eliza’s nursery is now full of flowers, accented with the sweetest color palette. From the white chandelier to the blue dresser, Julie caringly crafted a bedroom she thought her daughter would enjoy for years to come…cozy, but with a hint of whimsy.