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The Month of Eden - Room Tour: East of Eden Mural

Posted on by Danielle Hardy

We’re as sad as you are to say goodbye to our Month of Eden, but before we do, we wanted to show you one last gorgeous room tour, featuring our East of Eden Mural from the Sahara Collection!
Our friend Angela Ruscheinski, amazing photographer and even more amazing mama, chose the colorful blooms of our East of Eden Mural for her baby girl’s new nursery. Lucky for us, the team at Urbanwalls was able to help Angela with her install, witnessing her vision come to life in person!
Angela wanted to create an accent wall using the East of Eden Mural, and we were more than happy to oblige. Even with a window in the middle of the desired wall, we were incredibly excited to put the mural panels into place. And let’s talk about that window—it wasn’t as scary as you may think! Using an exacto knife, we simply cut along the window sill seams. Plus, the white window trim looked fantastic against the moody, rust-colored flowers of the mural. Honestly, can all of the statement walls have windows?!
After installation, Angela’s design prowess really began to shine (even brighter than it already was).  After a couple art prints, two thriving house plants, and a round scalloped jute rug, Angela’s daughter’s nursery was beginning to feel like the sort of summer you never want to end. Angela crowned the whole design with a natural wood crib and wicker rocking chair, accented with a white fur blanket and complementary velvet pillows.
Angela’s nursery is truly an oasis. And while we know we won’t fit in the crib…we’d still like to move in anyway.