• Irregular Dots - Two Ways

    Irregular Dots - Two Ways

    No matter what style you choose, you can’t go wrong! The Irregular Dot decals come on a sheet—think giant sticker sheet, like when you were a kid. Once you’ve picked the destination for your dots, just peel and stick! And because the dots themselves are irregular, the spacing doesn’t have to be...

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  • Styling Abstract Decals with Rove Concepts

    Last week we joined forces with Rove Concepts to create a mid-century, abstract daydream.In case you didn’t know (and you really, really should), Rove Concepts is a furniture company known for their minimalistic, yet completely stunning, mid-century designs. Each piece is original and hand-crafted in small batches by artisans from...

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  • Garden Flower & Crib Giveaway!

    Garden Flower & Crib Giveaway!

    Everyone loves free stuff. No use pretending that you don’t. So we thought…how about giving away a pack of our brand new, totally gorgeous Garden Flower decals? But then Da Vinci Baby went and made our giveaway EVEN BETTER (how?!) by throwing in a white Lila crib, complete with luxurious oatmeal fabric texturing. Um…yes. Please. And...

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