Customize Your Party!

Customize Your Party!

*All photos are taken from the lovely Monika Hibbs, the creative mastermind behind this gorgeous Swan Lake birthday party. Want to hear more about all the party details? Be sure to check out her post on her daughter’s birthday soirée!

It is a verifiable fact (okay, probably not) that everyone loves a themed party. If you say you don’t, you’re lying. Or you hate fun.

But we LOVE fun! (And we know you do too!) Whether it’s a luau, a superhero party, or a safari-inspired theme, transforming your space can be a blast…but it can also be just the tiniest bit daunting when you’re trying to pull off an immersive and cohesive experience. Especially if you already have a specific vision—finding decorations that match your creativity can be tough!

That’s where we come in. 

Bring your dream to life with bespoke decals to match your party theme. Say what?! We know, you’re beside yourself with the possibilities. Creating your own decals is the perfect way to breathe life into your party…without damaging your walls or spending a ton of money. Since each decal is removable, you can turn your home into Noah’s Ark, Mars, or Swan Lake…for just the day!

For example, we worked with blogger Monika Hibbs to create custom-made decals for her daughter Lillya’s Swan Lake birthday party. She already had the vision…and once she articulated it to the Urban Walls team, we got to work designing the decals that would give her party the elegant touches she envisioned.

From graceful swans adorning the walls behind Lillya as she ate her cake, to a photo booth with smaller swans swimming through the backdrop, Monika created the loveliest scene to compliment every party accent.

We couldn’t have been happier to see all the dreamy details working together!

Do you have a custom order idea you’d like to make a reality? Drop us an email at for a consult!

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