Two Ways: Vintage Flower Decal

Two Ways: Vintage Flower Decal

All of us weren’t born with a green thumb (some of us can’t even keep succulents alive). But with our NEW Vintage Floral decal pack, enjoy all the perks of a thriving garden without making tiny plants angry.

With 33 separate flowers and 23 individual leaves all ranging in sizes and style, you can space or layer each sticker to create the feminine vintage wallpaper of your sweetest-smelling daydreams.

Vintage Flower How To

Each flower and leaf is freestanding, allowing you to “plant” a romantic wall garden of your own design. After all, if no two people view the world the same way…why should you be locked into viewing your walls the same way?

Although there are infinite possibilities in how you can arrange these little babies, we wanted to jumpstart your creativity by outlining two simple (yet very different) designs for these floral focal pieces.

Layer for an eye-catching focal point.

Choose a portion of your wall to cluster the decals. We picked a corner to offset the focal point and to give the room a fun, asymmetrical vibe. Don’t be afraid to layer the decals, allowing them to overlap slightly, or even allowing slivers of wall to peek through. As you layer, you’re creating your very own everlasting “bouquet”. It’s all the perks of fresh flowers without having to get sad when your favorite blooms start to droop their wilty little heads!

Space and place for a wallpaper effect.

Get out that tape measure and pencil! For an evenly-spaced, wallpaper feel, map out where you’d like each flower and leaf to go. You can even tape the decals on the wall before you stick them to ensure each is “planted” precisely how you envisioned.


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