Add Warmth to Your Home Decor with Rust Tones

Add Warmth to Your Home Decor with Rust Tones

A Little Rusty

Typically, rust isn’t a good thing—unless of course it’s a gorgeous color and it’s in your décor.

Rust, terra cotta, no matter what you want to call it, we call it lovely. If you can’t tell, we couldn’t be more excited about August’s color of the month: Rust! Adding rust tones to your décor brings out all the warmth of your home, delivering a chic, desert or bohemian vibe to any room.


Heart Wall Paper


Whether you’re looking for wallpaper, wall decals, art prints, or wall murals, explore all of our favorite rust-toned wall décor products. Complement existing décor or use one of our fabulously rusty products to make a statement or create a head-turning accent wall!

We wanted to show you a few of our favorite rust-colored décor products, but you can always choose “nut brown” out of over 25 colors for any number of our die cut decals for a similar effect.


Canyon Colors Decals

Wander far enough into the desert hills and you may come across sweeping canyons as far as the eye can see. With warm neutral and blush tones, our Canyon Colors decal pack illustrates the dusky beauty found in unexplored hills and valleys...brought into your very own home.

Rust Wall Decal

Mini Ombre Rainbows

Rainbows—a classic favorite from childhood! Updated for adult appeal, our Mini Ombre Rainbow wall decals feature three subdued color variations! With eight distinct color and shape variations, space and place each of the 50 Rainbows in the formation of your choosing.



Rust Mural


Sandswept Wall Mural in Heatwave

In the Sahara, sun kisses the swirling desert sands, creating the soft dimensions and textures depicted in the Sandswept Mural. Designed with a delicate mingling of watercolors, the Sandswept Wall Mural is an up-close illustration of the ever-shifting desert sand dunes.


Rust Art Print Decal

Sunscape Art Print

What’s more iconic than the desert sun? With our Sunscape art print, embrace the heat with the setting Southwest sun and its warm solar flares. Freshly painted in appearance, the Sunscape art print complements any product from our Saguaro Collection, especially our Sunscape die-cut decals or other rusty-toned products.

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