Wall Decals for a Living Room: Florals to Neutrals

Wall Decals for a Living Room: Florals to Neutrals

The Perfect Wall Decals for your Living Room

Have you ever walked into your living room and just felt, well…bored? Not necessarily with life, but with your living room décor? Perhaps you took a look around and surveyed your blank walls, the color scheme, or the outdated photos on the wall and you just felt like it was all a bit stale. Don’t be alarmed. This is not an emergency. This is totally normal, and we are here to help!

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Let’s go with the bad news because we will fix it with the good news in just a minute! Well, the bad news is you’re officially bored of your living room décor. It’s probably even affecting your mood. Maybe you don’t even like spending time hanging out in the living room anymore, which is really a problem because it’s where you and your family spend the MOST time. The TV is in there. And let’s be honest, you can only hide in the kitchen for so long. Though there are snacks, there aren’t any couches. And what is the point of a well-deserved snack if you have to eat it over the sink like an animal?

So, let’s get to the good news. The good news is, we have a solution to your living room décor woes and it’s super EASY. Are you ready for it? Vinyl wall decals. They’re easy to apply and easy to remove or change up when (and if) you get bored. Wall décor stickers will never damage your walls either, and they look great against painted or white, blank walls. Whether you want to create an accent wall or spread the decals around your entire living room, packs of freestanding wall decals make it easy for you to work around your current décor or create exactly the room design you envisioned. There’s really no shortage on wall decal ideas for your living room!

So, let’s talk design details and get into some specific ideas for your living room.

Wall Decal Ideas for Your Living Room

Your living room is probably where you spend most of your time when you’re home, right? We won’t count your bedroom, as you’re not actually awake most of the time you’re in there. So, while you’re awake, your living room certainly gets the most use out of all the spaces in your home… Which is why it is so important that your living room becomes your own oasis. Your living room décor should make you feel relaxed after a long day, brighten your mood, and deliver the energy you’re looking for—from calm vibes to fun, bold designs.

To make it easy, we’ve come up with a few wall decal ideas for your living room categorized by mood or theme—how do you want your living room to feel? Eclectic and bright? Calm and relaxing? We’ve come up with a few examples to help you decide and inspire your own creativity using our removable wall decals.

Calm, Neutral Wall Decals

If you’re looking for wall decals that can be matched to almost any décor, try one of our calm, neutral decorative wall stickers. Large and small, these beautiful wall decals will absolutely transform empty walls, providing a cohesive look with your existing furniture. Let’s take a look at a few examples, shall we?

“White Peonies” Wall Decals

Flourish your wall with the intricacies of spring, each peony in different stages of bloom. These white-coloured flowers are sure to impress. With the White Peonies decal pack, you can dress your living space up or down. Layer leaves and flowers—or arrange them throughout your living room—to achieve whatever look makes your heart bloom.

Watercolor Leaves Wall Decal

“Watercolor Leaves” Wall Decals

What room (especially a living room) doesn’t look much improved after adding some greenery? Create a calming oasis in your living space with our dark green Watercolor Leaves decal pack, hand-painted by artist Mary Clare Wilkie. An exquisitely designed pack, the leaves of each decal seem to gently waft in a light breeze. And with over 9 leafy branch variations and 44 freestanding decals in a full pack and 22 in a half, you plant tranquility in any formation.

“Bohemian Palms” Wall Decals

Can you feel the tranquil breeze? You will when you install one of our best-selling wall decals! Imagine palm leaves rustling from the lush canopy above, shading blooming orchids on the forest floor below. With the Bohemian Palms decal pack, build an oasis inside your living room. With fifty-two freestanding decals filled with orchids and palm leaves working in perfect harmony, providing everything you need for an escape into a tropical dream.

“Midnight Peonies” Wall Decals

Can't decide on a color? We've got you covered! Our Midnight Peonies go with any color scheme and create a mature ambience. Layer leaves and flowers—or arrange them throughout your living space—to achieve whatever look makes your heart bloom.

“Cortaderia” Wall Decals

Along the rugged coastline of Central California, tall stalks of golden, feather-like wheat bend and sway with the ocean breeze. Featuring four 8ft tall strips or 200 arrow patterns, or v shapes, you can arrange these decals in any way you wish. Our Cortaderia decals are an abstract interpretation of the real beachside plants. Available in 28 colors, Cortaderia may be applied in long strips, or unevenly cut for a unique design take.

Soft Pink Garden Flowers Wall Decals

“Botanical Foliage” Wall Decals

Turn your living space into a happy herb garden with our Botanical Foliage decal pack! Every set includes over ten variations of botanical leaves and sprigs in an array of green hues. Our Botanicals have an artistic watercolor look, so you can leave your guests wondering if you’ve uncovered a secret talent and painted them yourself!

“Black and White Flowers” Wall Decals

Forget 50 Shades of Grey; we want 50 Shades of May! Actually…can we have both? With our Black & White Flower decal pack, you get stunning May flowers in shades of subdued greys. Each flower and leaf is freestanding, allowing you to arrange a modern wallpaper of your own design. Space and place flowers, layer leaves, and create an individualized accent wall, the perfect backdrop to a furniture color-pop or a living room full of monochromatic drama.

“Inked Florals” Wall Decals

Hand-painted by artist Mary Clare Wilkie, our Inked Florals blend black paint and water together to achieve a touch of moody magic. Alongside the florals in assorted sizes, each pack includes leafy fronds that pair perfectly alongside each bloom.

“Fire Ferns” Wall Decals

Like flickering flames, the leaves of our Fire Fern decals seem to dance and flow, fluid as a flame. With 30 freestanding decals in each pack, space and place each fern according to your own vision and design preferences. Available in over 25 colors (including metallic gold and silver), get matchy-matchy or choose a color that will set your living room ablaze.

Funky & Colorful Wall Decals

To add a splash of fun and color to your living room décor, we’ve listed a few of our favorite wall decorations of different sizes to help with your room design! These wall décor ideas will bring the energy, guaranteed to lift the mood as soon as you enter your living room.

The Blush Circular Abstract Wall Decal

“Circular Abstract” Wall Decals

The walls in your living room should reflect your unique style. With our Circular Abstract decal pack, make a statement that’s all your own. The Circular Abstract includes various sizes of circles, half circles, and asymmetrical dot clusters, available in three color options. Layer and space each shape to fit your space, while accenting with the small dots to bring harmony or chaos to the design.

“Irregular Dot” Wall Decals

Our Irregular Dot decals are an installation dream come true! These little babies have the power to easily jazz up your living space without being labor-intensive. Just peel…and stick! And because the dots themselves are irregular, the spacing doesn’t have to be perfect (unless you really want it to be). On that note, the dots are actually easy to peel off and reposition where you’d like!

Want a pro-tip? The Irregular Dot decal pack is ideal if you have any wall imperfections. Just choose how tightly or loosely you’d like the spacing between each dot to create an instant impact, erasing all those scrapes and dents.

“Geo Pattern” Wall Decals

While we aren’t sure if the ‘90s ever entirely left, we know they are definitely making a comeback! With our Geo Pattern decal pack, you can embrace those oh-so-subtle, funky-fresh ‘90s vibes. Each pack consists of 50 bold shapes, including, triangles, squiggly lines, circles, and more. Available in 28 colors, our Geo Pattern set clusters the decals on one sheet, allowing you to cut around each sticker, spacing and placing each shape where you wish!

“Water & Ink” Wall Decals

Elegance is born as water and ink transform into tissue-thin blossoms. Our Water & Ink Florals emulate a flower moving into full bloom as ink and paint course through the petals. With 18 muted blooms in every full order, arrange each decal to fill your living space and watch as your room buds anew in colors Indigo or Salt!

Canyon Colors and Large Pink Brush Strokes Wall Decals

“Canyon Colors” Wall Decals

Wander far enough into the desert hills and you may come across sweeping canyons as far as the eye can see. With warm neutral and blush tones, our Canyon Colors decal pack illustrates the dusky beauty found in unexplored hills and valleys...brought into your very own living room.

“Brush Stroke” Wall Decals

Set your artistic side free with a decal pack that is nothing short of a stroke of genius—a paint stroke of genius, that is. With our Brush Stroke decal pack, color your world with three color options. Layer and scatter brush strokes ranging from 8” to 25” to curate your own creative oasis. Plus, if you can’t decide what color to paint the wall…why not use them all?

Ready to pick a decal pack and start installation? We were hoping you might be! Applying your new vinyl wall decals is an absolute breeze. We’ve outlined exactly how easy in our easy decal installation tutorial video! Let’s transform your living room together.

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