The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Floral Wallpaper for Your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Floral Wallpaper for Your Home

Hey Floral Enthusiasts!

Ready to turn your home into a bloomin' paradise? We've got the lowdown on our fabulous removable peel and stick floral wallpapers and murals that are here to make your walls pop with personality. So, buckle up for "The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Floral Wallpaper for Your Home," where we spill the petals on our top picks.

kitchen with black and white wallpaper from urbanwalls

Marigold Wallpaper:

Resilience meets beauty with the Marigold Wallpaper. It's not just pretty; it's a tough cookie, thriving even in the harshest environments. Perfect for your home – it can handle anything, just like you!

girls room with autumn meadow wall mural from urbanwalls

Autumn Meadow Wall Mural:

Say farewell to summer and hello to the riot of colors in the Autumn Meadow Wall Mural. It's like having a front-row seat to nature's grand finale – a burst of warm colors that'll make your home shout, "I'm fabulous!

bedroom with flower walls chantilly blossoms wall mural from urbanwalls

Chantilly Blossoms Wall Mural:

Get ready for elegance with a side of grace! The Chantilly Blossoms Wall Mural turns any room into a masterpiece. It's like stepping into a garden of white and tan dreams – romantic, refreshing, and ready to wow your socks off!

If you're ready to transform your space with wallpaper, click here to check out our step-by-step installation guide on our YouTube channel: Click here

decorated home entryway with aurora wallpaper from urbanwalls

Aurora Wallpaper:

Soft edges, romance, and a touch of modern zen – that's the Aurora Wallpaper for you. Choose between Dusk and Dawn, and let your walls do the talking. Victorian-era charm with a hint of tranquility – it's wallpaper magic!

wallpaper in laundry room

Jasmine Wallpaper:

Say hello to nature with the Jasmine Wallpaper! Muted floral patterns inspired by the jasmine flower will turn your space into a lively, serene haven. Easy on the eyes, easy to apply – it's a win-win!

To explore our exquisite collection of vintage-inspired wall murals, click here: Click here

moody bedroom with dark green wallpaper - floursish wallpaper urbanwalls

Flourish Wallpaper:

Flourish like a floral boss! Moody green tones, pops of orange and pink – our Flourish Wallpaper encourages your space to bloom. It's not just a wallpaper; it's a lifestyle statement!

girls nursery decor ideas wallpaper - prairie florals wallpaper urbanwalls

Prairie Floral Wallpaper:

Vintage vibes and dreamy meadows – that's the Prairie Floral Wallpaper. Peel, stick, and let the magic happen. Rose or Buttercup – which whimsical look suits your fancy?

white bedroom with watercolor flower wallpaper - watercolor wildflower wallpaper urbanwalls

Watercolor Wildflowers Wallpaper:

Desert blooms meet watercolor dreams with our Watercolor Wildflowers Wallpaper. Soft, pretty, and resilient – it's like having a floral symphony on your walls. Bedrooms, offices, bathrooms – bloom central!

living space home decor - vintage wildflower wall mural

Vintage Wildflower Wall Mural:

Transport yourself to a tranquil haven with the Vintage Wildflower Wall Mural. High-quality vinyl for a seamless experience – it's so easy, it's practically wall magic!

bedroom with floral wallpaper - west of eden wall mural

East of Eden Wall Mural:

Enter your own floral paradise with the East of Eden Wall Mural. Moody vintage tones, larger-than-life florals – pick your side or go for both! Your walls, your rules.

Our floral wallpapers are not just fabulous; they're easy to install, budget-friendly, and perfect for changing trends. Spice up your space with blooms, buds, and a dash of banter! Your walls will thank you for the floral upgrade. 🌸✨
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