Mix Things Up! Patterned Wall Decals & Wallpaper

Mix Things Up! Patterned Wall Decals & Wallpaper

Patterned Perfection

We love wall décor that mixes things up a bit. A good pattern can make your room come alive with rhythm and movement. (You know, aside from your children moving around and running amok.)

Not to mention, many of our pattern decals are incredibly easy to install. Sure, we try to make all of our products easy to apply, but it’s hard to beat peel and stick decals, isn’t it? Whether you’re looking for something funky and fresh, clean and modern, or timeless and traditional, we’ve got the removable wall decals and wallpaper to nail the look.

So, sit tight and follow along because we’re about to show you three techniques to get patterned perfection in any style, for any space!

Random Patterns

Wait a second, you might be thinking, don’t patterns have to be uniform? Eh, depends on your personality type (wink, wink). At Urbanwalls, we are big fans of the “random pattern”. Using a pattern decal pack like our Irregular Dot Decals, Watercolor Polka Dots, Dot Clusters, Mini Watercolor Hearts (or any pattern decal pack of your choosing), you can simply apply the individual decals anywhere you wish on a wall and still achieve that patterned look—even if it isn’t entirely uniform! That’s right, no measuring tape necessary. Our Geo Pattern or Sprinkle decals work especially well for this technique due to their unique shapes.

Random patterns wall decals
watercolor hearts wall decal

Pattern Accents

Did you know there’s a way to bring the charm of a pattern into your room without having to cover the entire wall? Using a pattern decal pack like our Half Moon or Cortaderia decals, you can easily add lines of pattern anywhere in the room—especially corners or even right down the center for a unique focal point accent. Another method is to apply our removable wall decals above your wainscoting or chair rail. This delivers all the punch of the pattern but in a confined space. And yep, you guessed it! It’s less work while adding a really lovely, polished quality to your room. 

Pattern accents

Uniform Patterns

 If you like your patterns nice and neat, you’ve come to the right place! Not only do we have lots of uniform patterns to choose from, we also have two different kinds of products that will give you the same effect. 


You can use any one of our pattern decal packs to achieve a perfectly uniform look in your space. The trick? Plot out your design first! Using a measuring tape, figure out where the decals will go and then tack each in its place with painter’s tape before sticking anything down. Looking for ideas? Check out our Mud Pattern decals or our Arizona Stripe decals!

Uniform Pattern Decals


Don’t feel like plotting out each decal? That’s where removable wallpaper comes in! With dozens of patterned wallpaper designs, achieving a cohesive, uniform look has never been so easy. From clean and timeless designs like our Buon Fresco, Brighton Stripes, or Oasis wallpapers to fun and intricate designs like our Diary of Flowers or Unicorn wallpapers, creating a beautiful, patterned look in your space is a breeze. No glue, no mess, no fuss. 

Uniform Patterned Wallpaper

Now, the only question left is what design will you choose?

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