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How to Embrace "Mellow Yellow" In Your Decor

Posted on by Kristie Trenholme

Mellow Yellow May

May days bring warm, sunshiny rays! What better way to celebrate that summer is almost here than choosing yellow to be our color of the month?

Whether you’re looking for wallpaper, wall decals, art prints, or wall murals, explore all of our favorite yellow wall décor products. Complement existing décor or use one of our bright and bold yellow products to make a statement or create a head-turning accent wall!

We wanted to show you a few of our favorite yellow wall décor products, but you can always choose yellow out of over 25 colors for any number of our die cut decals.


Bohemian Rhythms Die Cut Deals 

Mix-up the predictable with the extraordinary shapes of our Bohemian Rhythms decal pack. With over eleven unique shapes and 28 color choices, create a pattern of your own design.

Bohemian Rhythms


Mr. Rabbit’s Garden Wallpaper

Summer gives birth to pretty plants and happy little critters who love to nibble on them. Mr. Rabbit’s Garden wallpaper features vintage-style illustrations of white cotton-tailed rabbits frolicking amongst a meadow full of flowers. Available in two color choices, Forest Green and Wildflower, it’s the perfect wallpaper if you love bunnies or know some bunny who does.

Mr. Rabbit’s Garden Wallpaper


Marigold Mural

Illustrated in yellow tones, our Marigold Mural features large, delicate petals, offset by stark leaves—a true study in contrasts. Painted with watercolors, the Marigold Mural repeats its design as flowers and foliage intermingle into a symphony of neutral shades.

Marigold Mural


Devoted Art Print

Add a pop of yellow with the Devoted art print, featuring a photographed goldenrod, pressed and preserved, as a part of the Love Letter Mini Collection.

Devoted Art Print