All Aboard! Ocean-Themed Wall Decor Ideas

All Aboard! Ocean-Themed Wall Decor Ideas

Live by the seaside

Vacations by the seaside come and go too fast. And let’s be honest, too few of us live in a beach cottage and spend our days burying our toes in sand, letting the sun kiss our skin, and opening our windows for warm breezes and salty, ocean scents… Sigh.

But what if your home—you know, that one that is sadly not seaside—could transport you to the shoreline over and over again? What if, with a few key adjustments to your home décor, you could live in those dreamy, sundrenched moments, those coastal holidays, day after day, season after season? 

At Urbanwalls we want to encourage you to live by the seaside every day. With vinyl wall decals, wallpaper, wall mural, and art print designs inspired be the ocean, the shoreline, and all things nautical, transport any room of the house to the best spot on the sand. 

All of our wall décor products are vinyl and easy to remove, allowing you to change up the scene as often as your heart desires. 


Nothing delivers an immerse, seaside feel like one of our ocean-inspired, vinyl wall murals. Many of our seaside wall murals are artistic impressions of painted waves, receding foam, and shallow waters. Swirling brush strokes mimic the ocean’s many movements and moods in multiple color options, making it easy to pick the one that’s right for your home! These stunning wall murals are easy-to-install and remove, providing a gorgeous statement wall anywhere in the house.



Our seaside wallpaper is inspired by the cottages of Isla Vista, St. Tropez, and Cannes. With simple wallpaper in minimalist designs, redecorating your home can be a breeze—a sea breeze, that is. With minimalist wallpaper, find the style that matches your décor and makes the right statement. 



Anchor your home décor with nautical and beach-themed decals. From little anchors to Watercolor Raindrops, and more, make a splash with removable, vinyl decals.



Add a nautical vibe to any area of your home with art prints designed to cohesively blend with any of our seaside-inspired products. From gorgeous, original photographs of the ocean and the beach to watercolor prints with ombre blue tones, mixing and matching a gallery wall or choosing a stand-alone work of art is as fun as it is simple.

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