Guide: The Best Peel-And-Stick Wall Murals

Guide: The Best Peel-And-Stick Wall Murals

Best Peel and Stick Murals

Adding a show-stopping work of art or statement wall has never been easier than with peel and stick wall murals. In years past, putting a mural in your home would have meant hiring an artist to paint directly on your wall. Not anymore! Instead, with Urbanwalls vinyl murals, you can easily install a truly gorgeous work or art on your own—no mess, no fuss. And the best part? The wall murals are completely removable and affordable, making it incredibly easy to swap one design for another when it feels like the room could use a refresh.

Let’s look at some of those designs, shall we?

Urbanwalls Vinyl Wall Murals

Cleopatra Wall Mural

Inspired by the legendary Egyptian Princess, the Cleopatra Mural delivers understated elegance. Created with the same soft sand tones as an Egyptian palace, the Cleopatra was painted to include a subtle marbling effect.


Capri Wall Murals

Oceans have personalities. From deep, crashing waves to receding foam and shallow waters, artist Mary Clare captured both strength and serenity in our Capri mural series. Swirling brush strokes mimic the ocean’s many movements and moods, while the two color options: High Tide and Low Tide, allow a choice between rich indigo blues and light cornflower hues.

Capri Wall Murals


Eden Wall Murals

In an ancient, sacred garden, every flower of every color was born into bloom.  With the Eden Murals, enter into your own heavenly garden, featuring hosts of larger-than-life florals. Illustrated in muted, vintage tones, flowers and foliage beautifully overlap to create a thicket teeming with wildflowers. Our Eden Murals are split into two—East of Eden and West of Eden. Our West of Eden Mural features more mauve blooms, while our East of Eden includes a higher concentration of coral florals. Pick which side of Eden fits your space, or choose both for larger walls and areas.

Eden Wall Murals


Sahara Sunset Wall Mural 

As dusk falls over desert dunes, the sky is ablaze with color. The Sahara Sunset Mural is an abstract illustration of a world transformed by the approaching night. The colors blend seamlessly into one another, creating a natural gradient complemented with brushed textures.


Sandswept Wall Mural

In the Sahara, sun kisses the swirling desert sands, creating the soft dimensions and textures depicted in the Sandswept Mural. Designed with a delicate mingling of watercolors, the Sandswept Mural is an up-close illustration of the ever-shifting desert sand dunes.


Laguna Wall Mural

When a wave crashes at sea, it leaves behind a marbleized design of dissolving bubbles and swirling foam. Our Laguna mural series captures the essence of dissipating waves, tousled with the ocean’s color in soothing textures. Available in two colors, Calm Cove illustrates an ocean at rest, while Indigo Storm is alive with darker tones and attitudes.


Malibu Wall Mural

From craggy cliffs to California sands, beat and churned with the tide, the Malibu coastline is alive with ever-shifting patterns. Out of this kaleidoscope of shape and nature, our Malibu wallpaper was born. Available in Dusty Rose and Indigo, each style represents an element found in California’s forever-changing, coastal landscape.

Malibu Wall Mural


Marigold Wall Murals

Available in three color options (sand, blush, and marigold yellow), our Marigold Mural features large, delicate petals, offset by stark leaves—a true study in contrasts. Painted with watercolors, the Marigold Mural repeats its design as flowers and foliage intermingle into a symphony of neutral shades.


Painted World Map Wall Mural

From Italy to Istanbul, feel close to all of the far-flung places you love with our World Map wall mural. Hand-painted, black watercolors wash into the continents of the world, bringing each country to life with texture and shape.


Swirling Sands Wall Mural

Inspired by the shifting of desert dunes, the Swirling Sands mural depicts the shades and tones of sun-baked earth as it responds to the wind’s playful call. Alive with texture and calming neutrals, the Swirling Sands vinyl wall mural comes in six panels that seamlessly fit together for a stunning, show-stopping result.


Tropic Oasis Wall Mural

Enter into a prehistoric playground all your own. With the Tropic Oasis mural, any room becomes a lush palm garden, filled with pristine, untouched foliage. Created with a monochromatic color scheme and an artistic, sketched look, the removable Tropic Oasis wall mural complements any décor or accent, allowing you to achieve your décor dream.

Tropic Oasis Wall Mural


Desert Blooms Wall Mural

Stunning in detail, our Desert Blooms Mural is an asymmetrical bouquet beauty. With the feathery blooms of king protea and desert flora, the black and white illustration measures 36” x 36”, making it the only accent décor you’ll need.


Watercolor Rainbow Wall Mural

Look out your window after a storm to see a watery rainbow, faint at first but mighty in impact. Our Watercolor Rainbow vinyl wall mural uses pastel pinks, yellows, oranges, greens, and blues, blending the colors as if guided by a master painter into the perfect natural ombre.


Cascade Wall Mural

Inspired by the water left behind as waves crash around seaside rocks, Cascade was hand-painted. As the watercolored blues and teals drip down from the top, fading into whitewash, it is easy to feel as if one has been caught in the aftereffects of a receding wave.


Dew Drop Wall Mural

In the early morning light of summer, dew clings to blades of grass, leaves, and petals alike, glinting in the sun one moment and swirling together in a watery haze the next. Hand-painted, the Dew Drop and Morning Dew murals were created to reflect walking through grass at dawn, dew dripping in the growing light of morning.

Dew Drop Wall Mural


Field of Flowers Wall Mural

Lush, colorful blooms come to play in our Field of Flowers mural. Drawn with a hint of vintage-inspiration, each bloom is larger than life, intertwining and overlapping with a riotous mix of red, yellow, pink, and white flowers while wild green leaves add textured dimension.


Into the Woods Wall Mural

Breathe in tranquility and enter a calming, lush landscape with the Into The Woods mural, inspired by West Coast mountains in the peak of summer. Surround yourself with nature as the forest haze glows green behind coniferous pines in the early morning sun. The Into the Woods was created to bring the depths of the forest into any space with a detailed foreground, middle ground, and background.


Misty Mountain Wall Mural

Get lost in the lush emerald landscape of British Columbia with the Misty Mountain Mural. This never-ending greenery will take you to the heart of an inclined forest surrounded in a mist of opaque clouds. Transform your space and let the adventure begin!

Misty Mountain Wall Mural


Primrose Wall Mural

A crop of primroses frame the wall’s top edge as sketched, creamy petals cascade down. The design tapers into a canvas of soft neutrals, highlighted by delicate leaf sprigs. Hand-drawn and painted, the Primrose Mural captures a clean, garden aesthetic.


Morning Dew Wall Mural

In the early morning light of summer, dew clings to blades of grass, leaves, and petals alike, glinting in the sun one moment and swirling together in a watery haze the next. Hand-painted, the Dew Drop and Morning Dew wall murals were created to reflect walking through grass at dawn, dew dripping in the growing light of morning.


Ophelia Wall Mural

As spring shrugs into summer, the lightest breeze carries away delicate blooms from flowering trees in a swirl of pink perfection. Hand-painted, the Ophelia vinyl mural is an abstract depiction of blush petals swept away in a soft haze, swirling about and coloring the world with the sweetest smelling blossoms.

Ophelia Wall Mural


Removable Wall Mural FAQ

Do peel and stick wall murals damage walls?

Peel and stick wall murals will not damage your walls! Created with a special kind of semi-permanent, adhesive, the wallpaper will stick for as long as you want it to. Before applying your products, just be sure to allow any freshly painted walls to cure for about a month before application.

How well do peel and stick wall murals come off?

Peel and stick wall murals are able to be removed remarkably well without any leftover adhesive residue. Start in the corner and peel at a 45-degree angle. If you have trouble, use a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive as you go.

Are vinyl wall murals removable?

Yes! Our peel and stick wall murals are completely removable without damaging your walls in the process. It is important to note, however, that although they are removable, wall murals are not reusable and cannot be reapplied in multiple locations.

How long do wall murals last?

The short answer is as long as you want them to! Our wall murals are semi-permanent, meaning they’re completely removable without doing damage to your walls, but will stay right where you put them until you’re ready for something new.

What is the difference between a wall mural and wallpaper?

A wall mural is the continuation of one picture across multiple, consecutive panels while wallpaper is the continuation of a repeating pattern, often the same on each panel. For wall murals, it is deeply important to install the panels in consecutive order if you want the picture to cohesive.

How do you prepare a wall for a peel and stick mural?

Unless you’ve recently painted, simply wipe your wall down with a damp cloth. Ensure the surface is clean, give it time to dry, and then you’re ready to go! If you’ve recently painted, we recommend, giving the paint about a month to cure before installing your wall mural.

How do you install peel and stick wall murals?

It’s easy with our step-by-step guide! Before we begin, remember: each mural contains 6 panels. Every panel is different, but when lined up, it creates one scene or work of art. The mural panels will be numbered on the back and MUST stay in order to achieve the desired effect.

1. Lay out all panels in order before you begin (panels are numbered at the top). Remember, panels are only installed vertically.

2. Plan where to place your first adhesive panel. If your mural is spanning an entire wall, we recommend starting at the left-hand corner.

      Because walls are often not straight, you will want to ensure the top of your panel is level with the ceiling. Using painter’s tape, tack the first panel in position before peeling the adhesive. It is important to allow a couple of inches on the left side and at the top (by the ceiling). This will ensure the mural fits on the wall flush and without gaps as you install each consecutive panel.

      Once you like where the first panel is positioned, run a strip of painter’s tape along the right side of the panel (not overlapping). Use a level to ensure you have created a straight line. Once you have confirmed that the tape is straight, use it as a guide, positioning your first panel flush beside the tape. (Make sure you leave inches of bleed on the left and at the top.)

      3. Once the first panel is in position, peel the adhesive back from the top 12 to 24 inches. Using the exposed adhesive, tack the panel into place before permanently sticking. Take a step back to ensure the panel is in the perfect spot before peeling the rest of the backing.

        Begin peeling the white backing from the graphic at a 45-degree angle. As you peel, stick as you go.

        Before starting on panel two, take the painter's tape off the wall. 

        4. Using a plastic scraper (credit card or squeegee), smooth the panel onto the wall. This will take care of all bubbling.

        To prevent any panel separation, each section of the design has a small amount of overlap. Line up the next panel, overlapping it to match with the first. The overlap not only helps ensure a seamless, level design, it also aids in keeping your mural from peeling or rolling for years to come!

        5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 until all panels are installed.

        6. Using an exact to knife, cut the portion of the panel that has overlapped onto your ceiling and/or baseboards. Allow the natural line of the ceiling or baseboard to dictate where you cut, keeping the razor in the seam throughout. This ensures there is no gap between the design on your wall and the ceiling.


          Steps on how to install murals

          Pro Installation Tips

          • Use an exact to knife to cut edges to fit your walls

          • If bubbling occurs once the panels are installed, pole the bubble with a needle and smooth it out with. Your squeegee or credit card.

          • Apply from the top to bottom, smoothing out air bubbles as you apply.

          • Once the white backing is removed, the adhesive will be exposed, so be careful the design does not fold over on itself.

          • If you aren’t ready to install your mural immediately, store it in a temperature-controlled, dry, humidity-free area.

          • Designs work best with matte, eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss paints.

          • Do not use our vinyl wall murals on highly textured concrete, stucco, or drywall/primer finishes. Unfortunately, any texture will not allow the mural to stick properly.

          • Ensure all walls are smooth, clean, and dry by giving your surfaces a brief wipe-down with a cloth before application. This ensures the mural adhesive sticks properly.

          No matter which removable wall mural you choose, your space will be absolutely transformed for the better when you’re done. Give yourself a gorgeous backdrop for working, planning, dreaming, and most of all—living! 

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