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Dollhouse Rennovation

Posted on by Kristie Trenholme

2020 brought many, many home improvement projects on various scales. After all, when you’re stuck at home for months on end, might as well make the best of it, right? If last year had a silver-lining it was seeing the rooms our customers transformed using our decals, wallpaper, and murals!
Our friend C.J. Scott (@_cjscott) decided to redecorate her ENTIRE house! Granted, her house is rather small and has adorable little mice living in it, but still! …Okay, okay, she renovated her daughter’s dollhouse! But trust us, this was no small feat. We’ve gotta say, we admire her creativity and ingenuity. Talk about one resourceful mama!
C.J. has used our products in her personhouse (not dollhouse) in the past and was savvy enough to hold on to her old samples and leftover scraps. Using the samples, C.J. got to work revamping the beloved toy just in time to present her kiddos with the new design on Christmas morning!
In case you’re curious, CJ used the following products in her dollhouse:
Irregular dot decals in warm grey
Speckled Desert wallpaper
Desert Rose wallpaper
Brighton Stripes wallpaper in vanilla