Love Your Laundry Room

Love Your Laundry Room

Love it or hate it, one thing is true about laundry—the job is never done! Whether you have a laundry room, closet, or nook, you probably find yourself spending a fair amount of time sorting, washing, drying, and folding.


So…shouldn’t your laundry room get some love, too? We aren’t saying that adding wall decals, wallpaper, murals, or art prints will necessarily make you enamored with sorting delicates from towels, but it WILL make you adore your space. And sometimes that can make all the difference!


After all, if you enjoy your space, the chores don’t seem so bad, do they? You may even find yourself sneaking in, closing the door, and enjoying a nice glass of wine without any children around. You’re just checking the laundry! No one needs to come in here!

Let’s talk redecorating the laundry room. No matter how large or small the space, we’ve put together inspiration for refreshing your laundry room area. Mull it over and then take your home design creativity to the cleaners! (It was a terrible pun, we admit, but we know you enjoyed it deep down.)

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