New Year, New Kitchen & Dining Room

New Year, New Kitchen & Dining Room

Did one of your New Year resolutions redecorating your kitchen or dining areas? We can get behind that goal! (Much more enthusiastically than cutting out caffeine or something equally torturous.)


This week at Urbanwalls, we wanted to showcase all the ways our products can make a big impact in the rooms where you probably find yourself spending the most time. I mean, honestly, you’d think the lunches would pack themselves by now.


We’ll be the first to admit that kitchens occasionally pose a challenge since there isn’t always a lot of wall space for decals. But it’s all about maximizing those little spaces! Since our decals, wallpapers, and murals are freestanding and will adhere to any smooth, flat surface, that means you can even apply them to your cupboards, to the side of your refrigerator, and so much more.


In the past, we’ve seen some truly creative kitchen spaces decorated with smaller decals and wallpapers. That space under your bar? Fair game. Breakfast nooks? You bet. Need a new backsplash? Why not try a patterned wallpaper. Ceilings? Absolutely. When we say the ceiling’s the limit, we aren’t joking!


If you have an open concept floor plan, adding a mural, wallpaper, or wall decal to your dining room may be the perfect way to brighten both your kitchen and your dining area in one fell swoop. By simply adding décor to one wall, it’s incredibly how it can change the feel of the entire space! 


If you’d like to add a cohesive design aesthetic across multiple rooms, check out any of our curated collections. With the Saguaro, Sahara, Seaside, Countryside, and Woodland collections, each product was specifically and thoughtfully designed to complement the entire collection, making mixing and matching easy.


When you’re done with your redesign, be sure to send us pictures of the finished product. We can’t wait to see your creativity! 

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