5 Steps to Revamp Your Baby Girl's Nursery into a Girls Room

5 Steps to Revamp Your Baby Girl's Nursery into a Girls Room

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No matter your age, it's hard to imagine that the little one in your life is growing up so fast. This means all those sleepless nights and potty training mishaps are coming to an end. Instead of missing their younger days, why not help them out by transitioning their nursery into a room they will love for years?

Here's a simple guide on how to transform your baby's girl's nursery into a full bedroom for toddlers.

Step 1: Draft a plan

First things first, you will need to decide whether your little one is ready for the big change. If she's still crawling around and/or has a hard time sleeping in her own bed without help, it might be best to wait until she's transitioned into a toddler bed. This usually happens between 18-24 months of age.

But if you’re confident about making this transition now, make sure that there are no sharp objects on the walls or shelves within reach. Although they may not understand its consequences yet, kids can get hurt pretty easily if they fall onto anything harmful, like glass vases or picture frames.

Also, consider how much space your child will have after transitioning from an infant crib into a toddler bed? You don't want to make the transition and find out your daughter is now too big for her room.

The planning stage is always crucial because you will have to take different factors into consideration, such as

  • The space you’re working with
  • Your budget
  • The furniture, decorations, wall decals, and flooring
  • Your kid’s personality, such as their likes and dislikes.

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Step #2: Choose a theme based on her personality

No matter the age of your child, it's always best to choose a theme based on who they are as an individual. If you have an outgoing toddler that loves being around people, then why not use removable wallpaper with bright colors and hang up some cute wall decorations? This way she can show off all of her favorite things without having to leave the comfort of home.

On the other hand, if your little girl is more quiet or introverted, using removable wallpaper for kids with muted but light hues will help them not feel overwhelmed by color. You could also try putting together a gallery wall filled with family photos for added warmth

But remember, naturally, your daughter’s interests and personality will change since they’re still growing. Make it a fun project for the entire family to change up her bedroom once in a while. Using removable wallpaper for kids will help make this task a breeze. 

Step #3: Removable wallpaper and wall decals for kid's rooms are a must!

Kids room with Blue Planets decorated wall

Removable wall stickers are a great way to add some color and personality without making any permanent changes, especially if you want something different later down the road. They're also super fun! Decorating is more enjoyable with loved ones- why not try out different wallpaper and wall decals ideas as a family? Kids love these types of activities and it will encourage them to get creative.

You can experiment with our unique collections of wallpapers and wall decals for girls such as marigolds, spaceships, peonies, and whales. You can find an enormous selection of styles in all sizes that are perfect for adding color to the room while also making it feel you have a personalized girl’s bedroom. As they get older, choose something suitable for their age level!  

Browse our fun collection of removable wallpaper and wall decals for kids today!

Step #4: Time To Add Furniture

Add comfortable furniture, such as a reading bench, rocking chair, cushy armchair, or even something basic, like an ottoman that your kid will love to curl up in with a delightful book or two. Make sure there are also plenty of toys and games on hand so they can have lots of fun when they come home from school!

And if you’re adding new furniture pieces, consider leaving older ones in place until after you've finished decorating. This way, unless there are major structural issues, everything stays together rather than being separated onto multiple surfaces throughout the house! And for those who aren't looking to make big purchases, there are always options for re-purposing existing pieces.

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Step #5: Liven it up with decorations

A woman holding a Primrose Art Print

Artwork is usually brightly colored and says a lot about the mood of a room. When adding artwork, choose art that is specific to your little girl and her interests or you can also add wall decals for girls with some prints from their favorite series.

But you’ll need to keep decorations light and airy. The last thing you want is too much stuff on the wall because it will make their bedroom feel smaller than what they are used to.

If you have any toys or stuffed animals from years past, now would be a good time to bring them out of storage, as these can serve as great décor pieces! It also helps keep those memories alive by having representation somewhere inside the house. 

Ready To Transform Your Baby Girl’s Nursery?

Our kids are growing up so fast, so it’s our job to create a comfortable environment for them to do just that. And since this is your little girl’s new bedroom, you want to make it feel like a little corner of heaven just for her.

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