Cute Wallpapers - 10 Ideas to Update A Girl's Bedroom

Cute Wallpapers - 10 Ideas to Update A Girl's Bedroom

Whether you’re shopping for a baby girl’s nursery or a teenager who needs a change of scenery, wallpaper transforms a space. The best part: it has a huge impact… without a huge investment! It’s also a beautiful way to integrate their ever-evolving personality into their bedroom - a reflection of their creative self. ✨ In hopes to help you update their bedroom easily and stylishly, below are options for easy to apply peel-and-stick wallpaper, wall murals, and wall decals. With each solution as easy to remove as it is to apply, you can update her room with ease from year to year. So if her love of flowers is suddenly replaced with all things astrology - you’re good to go! 

Also: we realize these kinds of lists often reinforce stereotypes (you know, pink for girls and blue for boys). We don’t want to be any part of that! So whoever you’re shopping for- no matter their gender - we hope you find something on this list that speaks to them and their unique personality! For more inspiration for a girl’s bedroom - take a look at these wall decor ideas

10 Ideas to Update a Girl’s Bedroom (or anyone’s bedroom!) with Cute Wallpaper, Wall Murals & Wall Decals 

1. Desert Rose Wallpaper

Desert Rose Wallpaper

Transform her bedroom into a beautiful garden oasis with the Desert Rose Wallpaper. It’s a beautiful yet simple way to decorate a room in a way that’s sweet, stylish, and full of floral vibes. And with muted, semi-neutral tones, you can easily build on this look to make it yours. Get the look: Desert Rose Wallpaper

2. Constellation Wall Decals

Constellation Wall Decals

For the girls looking for a glimmer of stardust, the Constellation Wall Decals provide a connection to the stars and the big, beautiful world beyond. Get the look: Constellation Wall Decals.

3. Snakeskin Wallpaper

Snakeskin Wallpaper

To add subtle texture and style to a bedroom, Snakeskin Wallpaper is a fitting choice. It adds natural, unique, and minimalistic flair to a space without dominating the room. Get the look: Snakeskin Wallpaper

4. Unicorn Wallpaper

Unicorn Wallpaper

Does your kiddo have a fascination with unicorns? Bring them into the bedroom with Unicorn Wallpaper. The pattern is unique, whimsical and full of imagination - just like your little one. Get the look: Unicorn Wallpaper. 

5. Bohemian Palms Wall Decals

Transport your little one to a breezy oasis with the Bohemian Palms Wall Decals. We love that they’re simple yet striking - perfect to age with your daughter as she grows up. Get the look: Bohemian Palms Wall Decals.

6. Magnolia Blooms

Magnolia Blooms Wallpaper

Hello, minimalism meets cottagecore! The Magnolia Blooms Wallpaper strikes the ideal balance between simplicity and playfulness. Get the look: Magnolia Blooms Wallpaper.  

7. Watercolor Polka Dot Wall Decals

Watercolor Polka Dot Wall Decals

Polka dots make us smile - and we hope they make you and your family smile too! Soft, cute, and full of joy. Get the look: Watercolor Polka Dot Wall Decals.

8. Watercolor Rainbow Mural

Watercolor Rainbow Wall Mural

Soft and subtle, the Watercolor Rainbow Mural warms up walls without creating a cluttered feel. A perfect snapshot of the rainbow in their bedroom! Get the look: Watercolor Rainbow Mural

9. Rosy Pink Hot Air Balloons Wall Decals

Rosy Pink Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals

The sky's the limit! These Rosy Pink Hot Air Balloons add imaginative flair, whimsy and energy to a room. A perfect choice for a little daydreamer! Get the look: Rosy Pink Hot Air Balloons Wall Decals.

10. Briar Rose Wall Decals

Briar Rose Wall Decals

Immerse yourself in a garden with our Briar Rose Wall Decals. It’s a stylish way to bring the outdoors in - and soak up a sense of "escaping into a garden" in a room. Get the look: Briar Rose Wall Decals.

While you’re here - did you know we have a new Virtual Design Assistant Service? If you’d like to see exactly what these designs will look like in your home - simply upload a photo of your room and pick a wall art design. We’ll take care of the rest!

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