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10 Steps to Transform Your Baby Son's Nursery into a Boy's Room

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As our baby boys grow up, we need to make sure their rooms are age-appropriate. One of the best ways to do this is by revamping the nursery into a bedroom for toddlers. Luckily, there are many ways that we can tackle this. This post will provide you with 10 steps that will show you how to transform your old nursery idea for your baby boy into a growing boy's bedroom!

Step #1: Let's start with a theme

Starting with a theme will help you get organized and stay focused on a specific idea. The theme should be based on your son's likes, dislikes, and even personality.  For example, if your son loves outer space then an outer spaced-theme room will be perfect for him. Finding your theme is important since you’ll know what furniture, removable wallpaper, toys, and wall stickers will match the theme.

Step #2: Clean up and organize his old bedroom furniture

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This step can help make your transformation much easier as well as more fun! First of all, removing any unnecessary items from the nursery such as unneeded decor or toys will give you space to work with later on in this process. 

It's time to swap the nursery crib for a toddler bed and the changing table for a dresser. Plus having less clutter around will also allow them to focus better and have more fun playing with their new decorations and toys. 

We recommend purchasing a toddler bed that boasts storage space since it’ll be perfect for holding your child's clothes and toys. Also, it should support your little one's transition into a bigger bed, and then finally, it will also show your child that they're growing up!

Step #3: Create a space for playtime

Creating space for playtime will help your toddler son stay focused and entertained!  You can add a few of their favorite toys and keep them in a toybox. Your son's imagination and creativity will run wild with a toy box filled with their favorite toys - plus it's a perfect way to store their toys. It will help teach your boys cleanliness since they will only have one designated area for their toys, which they're tasked to keep clean.

Step #4: Designate one wall as the main focal point wall

Designating one wall into a focal wall will help you transform your old nursery into a boy's room. If you are feeling creative, you can use removable wallpaper to add a pop of personality to the room’s accent wall. 

It’s time to change the nursery’s wallpaper into a "more mature" removable wallpaper for kids. These are easier than painting the wall since they can be replaced when your kid grows up.  Decorating one wall as your main focal point is not only easy but also allows for symmetry and balance in design throughout their new bedroom space.

Step #4: Add some wall decals for kids to create interest and add character

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Adding wall art and stickers for kids will make the room look more age-appropriate! Plus, picking themed wall art will help you achieve a specific look or atmosphere in their new bedroom space. 

Wall decals for kids are what we recommend because they come in all different themes, designs, materials, and colors. Kids' rooms can be full of personality which is why it's important to pick wall decals that match theirs.  

Our wall stickers can be applied in minutes without any tools or past experience, they are even removable (and reusable), making them perfect for young boys' rooms! Simply browse through our website for more information about what we have available 🙂

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Step #5: Don't forget about lighting

Adding different types of lighting fixtures will not only brighten up the room but also provide additional safety for your child. It's important to make sure your nursery isn't too dark, especially since you want them to get a good night's sleep - wall lights are perfect for this!

Step #6: Decorate the window with curtains or blinds

Decorating their bedroom window with vibrant curtains and blinds will help provide additional privacy and also add more color to their room. Blinds are excellent because they can be adjusted to the level of light that you want in your room.

Step #7: Decorate the floor with rugs

Adding a rug underneath their bed is perfect for providing comfort when they're laying in their bed trying to fall asleep.  Plus, wall-to-wall carpeting is a great way to minimize noise. Either option can add a layer of warmth, making their new bedroom space feel homier.

Step #8: Create storage spaces

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Creating accessible storage areas for kids to store their toys and clothes makes life so much easier when stepping foot into his bedroom. Kids love having places where they can put all of their things on display while parents love that everything has its place! There are many different types of storage units available today such as ottomans which can double as a decoration and even wall-mounted shelves to help with organization.

Step #9: Add some fun accessories!

Adding decorative items such as pillows or throw rugs are great ways to add zest to your son's new bedroom. They are also the perfect way to compliment the wall decals or stickers perfect for boys! Toys and fun activity items can also be accessories and decorations for the room.

Step #10: Make sure they love it 🙂

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Last but certainly not least, be sure to ask your son how he feels about his new room once everything has been put together. Better yet, you can have him and the whole family involved in the process of transforming his old nursery into a bedroom space that he’ll love! All you have to do is be creative and use your imagination.

And if he loves what you've done then there's no doubt in our minds that so will everyone else who sees it! Plus just seeing him happy is all we could ever ask for as parents.

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Change Your Old Nursery Ideas For Baby Boys Into A New Bedroom

Congratulations on transforming your baby boy's nursery into a toddler bedroom!! We hope these steps helped guide you along the way and that you will be able to use them as a reference later on. And we hope your little boy loves his new space!

Also, if you're looking for adding wall decals and removable wallpaper for kids at a great rate, click here and browse our store. Your son will love it!

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