Elevate Your Business with Urbanwalls: A Tale of Transformation

Elevate Your Business with Urbanwalls: A Tale of Transformation

The Vision for Amelia Lee's Transformation

In the bustling heart of downtown Victoria, BC, Canada, lies Amelia Lee, a quaint storefront nestled amidst a sea of businesses. As the urban landscape thrived around her, Khloe, the visionary owner of Amelia Lee, had two distinct goals in mind when she decided to elevate her business and stand out from the crowd.

Crafting a Captivating Storefront Display

She sought to create a beautiful seasonal storefront display that would captivate passersby and to offer her customers a unique home decor experience by incorporating Urbanwalls' peel and stick removable wall decals into her store's design.

Women collaborating on interior design

Collaborating with Urbanwalls: Bringing the Vision to Life

Khloe knew that to capture the attention of her potential customers, her storefront needed to be unforgettable. With large windows at her disposal, she already had a head start in terms of visibility, but she craved something more—something that would set her apart. That's when Khloe joined forces with Urbanwalls, a company renowned for its exquisite wall decals, wallpaper, and wall murals.

Urbanwalls bohemian palms wall decals

Designing the Perfect Storefront Display

Together with Urbanwalls, Khloe embarked on a journey to transform her storefront. Inspired by the bohemian palms offered by Urbanwalls, Khloe envisioned a design that would infuse color and femininity into her space. The vision took shape as vibrant pink florals and delicate pampas were added to the graphics.

Join us on a captivating journey as we unveil the mesmerizing transformation process that turned Amelia Lee into a visual masterpiece with Urbanwalls! (Source: www.youtube.com)

Ameila Lee A Lifestyle Store storefront window decalsPEEL AND STICK WINDOW DECAL DESIGN: Bohemian Palm Window Decals

Framing the Mannequins: The Corner Decals

Urbanwalls' creative team worked seamlessly with Khloe, crafting corner decals tailored to her windows. These corner decals not only framed her clothing mannequins beautifully but also added visual intrigue without obstructing her displays. To complete the makeover, the company logo was incorporated, branding the windows with elegance and style.

Integrating Urbanwalls' Products into Amelia Lee

With the first goal accomplished, Khloe set her sights on the second: integrating Urbanwalls' products into her store and creating an immersive shopping experience for her customers.

Urbanwalls peel and stick wall decals retail

Showcasing Peel and Stick Removable Wall Decals

She understood that for her customers to truly appreciate the peel and stick removable wall decals, they needed to see and feel the quality in person. The solution was simple yet effective: Urbanwalls' wall decals were strategically installed throughout the store.

Experience the magic of Amelia Lee showcasing and installing our products as stunning displays in a captivating video you won't want to miss! (Source: www.youtube.com)

flower child wall decalPEEL AND STICK WINDOW DECAL DESIGN: Bohemian Palm Wall Decals

The Flower Child: A Highlighted Wall Decal

Among the standout selections was the "Flower child" decal in a warm grey hue, thoughtfully placed alongside the custom Bohemian palms. Khloe's vision included a styled nursery scene, where customers could gain inspiration for their own little ones' spaces.

Amelia Lee A Life Style Store brand and retail

Brand Exclusivity through Customization

The power of customization shone through, as the unique blend of Urbanwalls' Bohemian palm decals and Khloe's personal touch granted Amelia Lee's brand exclusivity over these enchanting wall murals. Now, customers could access something truly unique that couldn't be found elsewhere.

Amelia Lee new logo on windowPEEL AND STICK DECAL DESIGN: Custom Logo Wall Decal

Celebrating Collaboration: The Birth of a Logo

In the spirit of collaboration and celebration, a new logo was born. This logo seamlessly melded the identities of both Urbanwalls and Amelia Lee, showcasing the partnership's strength and uniqueness. It was prominently displayed over the decal product, acting as a beacon of the transformation that had taken place.

The Installation: Turning Dreams into Reality

Transforming Amelia Lee into a captivating space required meticulous attention to detail. The installation process was no small feat, as it encompassed the entire store. The Urbanwalls team embarked on a journey to Vancouver Island, where they dedicated a staggering 16 hours over two days to bring Khloe's vision to life.

Installing decals on window PEEL AND STICK WINDOW DECAL DESIGN: Bohemian Palm Window Decals

Your Journey with Urbanwalls

Khloe's journey with Urbanwalls serves as a testament to the transformative power of creativity, collaboration, and customization. By embracing Urbanwalls' peel and stick removable wall decals, Khloe not only realized her dream of an eye-catching storefront but also created an unforgettable shopping experience for her customers.

Decals by Urbanwalls

Elevate Your Business with Urbanwalls

For businesses seeking to elevate their visual representation and make a lasting impression, the story of Amelia Lee and Urbanwalls is an inspiring tale of success. With custom decals, bespoke designs, and custom business installations, the possibilities are endless. Discover how Urbanwalls can help you transform your business and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Elevate your space, elevate your brand, and elevate your business with Urbanwalls.
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