• 8 Online Shops for Baby Clothes

    1. Theif and Bandit 2. Little Hip Squeaks 3. Salt City Emporium 4. Candy Kirby Designs 5. SoftBaby 6. Freshly Picked 7. Fable Baby 8. Hello Merch

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  • SUPRISE!!!

    We found out some pretty exciting news this weekend and couldn't wait to share!!It's A GIRL!!!!! We are thrilled beyond words to be adding a little Hardy Girl! to the clan!! I can't tell you how surprised we were to cut that cake and find a layer of pink icing....

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  • Traditional Glam

    I absolutely LOVE changing up the colors in my place every once in a while for a different feel. This season, I fell head over heels for gold, white and navy blue. This combination took my home from the fun, summer-like feel that I had and into more of a...

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