Two Ways to use our Swan Decals!

Two Ways to use our Swan Decals!

Birds of A Feather Flock Together

Who needs convention anyway?! Well okay, we admit that we appreciate a great uniform design every now and again.

But the point is, you don’t HAVE to arrange your decals in a “traditional” sense…unless you want to.

Take our Pink Swan decals for example. We installed our pink friends two different ways just to show you that there’s no right or wrong decal design. This is your space! Own it.

1. Swanapalooza

If these swans were going to a rock concert, this is their mosh pit! Upside down, side-to- side, totally random and totally fabulous! If your vision is taking you to a funky place, embrace it—the results are often a work of creative genius.

2. Swan Lake

For the traditionalist, we arranged these swimming beauties with a bit more uniformity—think well rehearsed ballet instead of rock show. Although we kept the focal point splashed above the little kitchen set, this time we placed the swans facing one another, with clear lines and a specific pattern emerging.

These are just two of about one million ways you can use our Pink Swan decal pack! Have you used our feathered friends before? Tag us on Instagram (@urbanwalls) and use the hashtag #thesearemyurbanwalls so we can sneak a peek at your creativity in action!

Boom. Get designing

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