A Magical World of Animals for Every Child's Dream Room

Welcome to the launch of our latest and most enchanting wallpaper collection yet: the Animal Kingdom! This collection includes five unique designs:

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Wild Animal Wonderland

The inspiration for this collection came shortly after we moved into our new home. When I asked my daughter what she wanted for her room, she simply said, "animal wallpaper." Clarifying with an exasperated, "ALL the animals," she wanted everything from jungle creatures to puppies. Knowing her love for animals, I knew this project would be special.

After 8 months of brainstorming, the idea finally came to me: a wallpaper filled with animal portraits, each framed uniquely. This concept evolved into a collection catering to every child's favorite animals, from farm animals to jungle creatures. The design is clean and cohesive, with just the right amount of white space to keep it airy and bright.


Explore the Collection:

A mix of all animals of the wold

Animal Kingdom Wallpaper

Immerse your child in a world of wonder with our delightful mix of all animals, carefully crafted to ignite their imagination and curiosity. From majestic elephants to playful dolphins, each creature adds its own charm to create a vibrant and diverse animal-themed room. Transform their nursery into a magical sanctuary where every corner is filled with the magic of the animal kingdom. Perfect for sparking creativity and fostering a love for nature that will last a lifetime.


Forest friends in their natural habitat

Woodland Animal Wallpaper

Step into a magical realm as you bring the enchantment of the forest into your child's room with our charming woodland friends. From wise owls to playful squirrels, each delightful creature invites your child to explore the wonders of nature. Perfect for creating a cozy and whimsical space where imagination flourishes and dreams take flight. Transform their room into a serene woodland retreat, where every corner is filled with the warmth of nature's embrace.


Adorable farmyard companions

Farm Animal Wallpaper

Transport your child to the idyllic countryside with the delightful presence of adorable farmyard companions. From fluffy sheep to quirky chickens, each charming creature adds a touch of rustic charm to their room. Immerse your little one in the whimsical world of farm life, where every day is filled with playful adventures and heartwarming moments. Perfect for cultivating a fun and cozy atmosphere that will spark their imagination and create lasting memories.


Exotic creatures from the jungle

Jungle Animal Wallpaper

Embark on an exciting journey as you infuse your child’s room with the untamed spirit of exotic jungle creatures. From majestic lions to colorful parrots, each wild inhabitant brings the vibrant energy of the tropics into your home. Let your child's imagination run wild as they explore the lush foliage and mysterious depths of this captivating jungle landscape. Transform their room into an adventurous sanctuary where every corner is filled with the thrill of discovery and the wonder of nature's beauty.


Lovable puppies of all breeds

Puppy Love Wallpaper

Lovable puppies of all breeds make for an irresistibly cute and playful wall design. Whether it's the floppy ears of a Labrador or the tiny paws of a Chihuahua, each adorable pup adds its own touch of sweetness to the walls. This playful and heartwarming wallpaper design brings a sense of joy and comfort to the space, creating the perfect environment for your little one to play, dream, and grow.