Decor Inspiration Board | Palm Fronds

Decor Inspiration Board | Palm Fronds

Palm Fronds Decal Style Inspiration

There is little better than kicking back with your favorite cup of coffee in a well-designed space. Usually we save these moments of bliss for coffee shops and vacations, or when we sneak into furniture showrooms…but what if you could have this experience on the daily in your very own home?

To this we say a very enthusiastic, “YES!” (Or “YAAAS!” as the kids are saying.)

For a little inspiration, we put together a style board featuring our Palm Branch decals in gold. Needless to say, we ran with the gold theme and chose royal blue as an accent color. We don’t know about you, but if we had coffee in this room, we might think we were living in a palace on a cloud.

Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@urbanwalls) if you’ve decorated with our Palm Branch decals. We’d love to see how you made these decals your own! #Thesearemyurbanwalls



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