Your Guide to Wall Decals for Kids Bedrooms

Your Guide to Wall Decals for Kids Bedrooms

Wall decals for kids

Nothing grows quite as fast as your kids! Whether they’ve outgrown the crib and have gotten their first big kid bed, or they loved unicorns but now they love mermaids more—kids are always changing.

One second they’re asking you for superhero posters and the next they want dinosaur wallpaper. Cue our removable wall decals for kids’ rooms. With removable, vinyl decals and wallpaper, you can switch up the décor in your children’s rooms with absolute ease. Affordable, easy to apply, and easy to remove, our wall decals are the perfect solution to all the fads and favorites kids go through over the years. If your kiddo changes his or her mind and wants a new design in a year, no problem! Our wall decals will never hurt your walls. Not to mention, applying our decals can be a fun activity for you and your littles to do together!

So, what kind of kid-specific decals and wallpaper do we offer?

Polka Dot Wall Decals

Add some energy and fun in your child’s favorite color (or mix multiple packs in multiple colors) with one of our many polka dot wall decal packs!

Watercolor Polka Dot decals

Irregular Dot decals

Rainbow Confetti Dot decals

Pastel Confetti Dot decals

Polka dot wall decals

Car & Truck Wall Decals

Does your little love anything with a motor? From cars, trucks, and vintage vehicles, find the car decals that will make their hearts go “vroom, vroom!”

Vintage Car decals

Camping Gear decals

Sunnyside Van Watercolor decals

Diggers & Truck decals

Car and truck wall decals


Under the Sea Wall Decals

Submerge yourself in the ocean blue with one of our under the sea wall decal sets! From mermaids and sharks in various sizes and whale decals, create the perfect environment for your aspiring marine biologist or ocean-lover.

Mermaid decals

Big Shark decals

Little Shark decals

Little Mermaid decals

Whale decals

Under the sea wall decals

Air & Space Wall Decals

Take a ride through the skies with spaceship and hot air balloon decals! Or, launch into space and visit the planets with your little astronaut.

Spaceship decals

Blue Moon decal

Blue Planet decals

Hot Air Balloon decals 

Teal Hot Air Balloon decals

Rosy Pink Hot Air Balloon decals

Cloud decals

Air & Space Wall decals

Fairytale & Woodland Wall Decals

Enter a world of imagination and whimsy with woodland and fairytale wall decals. From unicorns to butterflies and everything in between, wander the paths of whimsical imagination, especially created for your little princes and princesses.

Fairy Toadstool decals

Cotton Tail Bunny decals

Mr. Rabbit’s Garden Wallpaper

Garden Bug decals

Madam Butterfly decals

Unicorn Decals

Unicorn Wallpaper

Pink Swan decals

Fairytale & Woodland wall decals


Cityscape Wall Decals

There’s nothing like having the backdrop to play pretend in your own bedroom or playroom! With city-inspired wall decals, your littles can climb skyscrapers or wander through Parisienne marketplaces.

Parisienne Marketplace decal

Cityscape decals

Cityscape wall decals

Animal Wall Decals

Cats, flamingos, and dinosaurs—oh my! If you kids love animals, choose to decorate their walls from any number of animal themed decal packs.

Cat decals

Flamingo decals

Dinosaur decals

Paper Dino decals

Bumble Bee decals

Animal wall decals

Robot Wall Decals

Whether you have a household of boys or a house full of toys, the Robots decal pack is a great addition to your home. With 6 different silly-grinning robots and 50 decals per pack, these bionic buddies bring fun companionship to any room.

Sports Wall Decals

Do you have an extreme sports fanatic? We have the skateboarding and dirt bike decals for playrooms and bedrooms alike.

Dirt Bike decals

Skateboard decals

Sports Wall decals

Sweet Treat Wall Decals

We know your little sweetie loves sweet treats, so give them the wall decals that match their personality with sprinkles and ice cream cones!

Confetti Sprinkle decals

Ice Cream Cone decals

Sweet treat wall decals

Rainbow Wall Decals

Rainbows! A favorite of every child. With our rainbow wall decals, we’ve put our own twist on this classic, even allowing you to pick your own color in our Bohemian Rainbow decals.

Mini Ombre Rainbows decals

Bohemian Rainbow decals

Watercolor Rainbow mural

Rainbow wall decals
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