The Best Ways to Hang Pictures on a Wall (With and Without Nails)

The Best Ways to Hang Pictures on a Wall (With and Without Nails)


The feeling of buying a new piece of art for your home is a special one. Whether you stumbled upon a beautiful picture at a local store or you found a floral print online that just spoke to you - art can truly transform your walls, and ultimately, your home. However, the steps for how to hang pictures on a wall are often overlooked! In this blog, we’ll walk you through tips for hanging pictures up (with and without nails) and ideas to make the most of your wall space. 

How to Hang Pictures on a Wall - 3 Steps 

1. Commit to a plan

Having a clear intention of where you want to put your print(s) will make it feel at “home” in its new space.  Here are some questions to ask yourself: Do you want the print framed or unframed? Will your print be paired with more prints? Or do you want it to be a standalone piece on the wall? Can you use clips or string/wire to hang them? Or do you want to nail them into the wall? 

If your art is in a heavy frame, your strategy is going to be different than if you were hanging an unframed print. Similarly, the size, shape, and space of your wall is going to impact how you’re going to proceed. So, make a brief game plan for yourself!

2. Get your supplies

The supplies you need will depend on what you’re hanging and where you’re hanging it. But  generally, these are the tools you’ll need:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Small nails (lightweight pieces)
  • Picture-hangers (medium sized pieces)
  • Big nails + stud finder and/or anchors + screwdriver (heavy pieces) 

      3. Get strategic, measure and start hanging your prints

      Remember, be exact! It can be tempting to rush through this stage, but the less you plan - the more you’ll have to re-do and tweak (which takes a lot longer!). One thing to consider if you’re having a hard time deciding where to hang your prints: the industry standard suggests you’ll want the center of your frame to be 57 inches above the ground. (This is based on the average human eye level.)

      Here are some other do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:

      • Do - consider spacing. For example, if you’re hanging multiple prints on a small wall, you’ll likely want less space between each picture. Bigger walls can handle more spacing. 
      • Don’t - add pictures above furniture that are wider than your furniture. General rule: your pictures should be 50-75% the size of the width. 
      • Do - remember fasteners: Often frames will have hooks or fasteners that are easily overlooked during the measurements process. 

          Creative Ideas to Hang Wall Art & Decorations

          1. Lean it (no nails required!)

          Sincerely Art Print decor

          Skip the nails altogether and lean your print against the wall. You can do this by placing your print on a fireplace, shelf, dresser, cabinet, etc.  

          2. Frame it over a fireplace

          Buon Fresco Wallpaper  over a fireplace

          Make your art the focal piece of your home by framing it above your fireplace. Ideally, your print will take up enough space (about 50-75%) of the width of the fire surround and mantel. 

          3. Try picture/decoration floating shelves

          Arizona Stripe decals

          Add a striking and creative flair to your home with floating shelves. It’s a wonderful way to show off multiple prints and other decorative accents in a way that’s chic and full of personality. 

          4. Embrace wall decals & wallpaper

          Monstera Leaves Wall Decals

          Makeover your blank walls with wall decals, murals, and wallpaper. They add so much beauty without the use of any nails - plus, they’re easily removable if your taste changes over time.  Take advantage of our virtual design assistant to see exactly how they’ll look in your home. You’ll upload a picture of your space and choose a design. It’s as easy as that.  

          5. Leave pieces unframed

          Printed photo without frame held by a woman

          Sometimes a frame adds to the beauty of your print. Other times, it may distract from it. Decide which is best for you!

          6. Symmetrical placement

          Watercolor Leaves Wall Decals

          For a balanced and clean look, hang your prints side by side symmetrically. We especially love symmetrical placement when there are other bold accents on the wall like the above Watercolor Leaves Wall Decals.

           7. Asymmetrical placement

          Dusty rose Watercolor Raindrops wall decals

          Do you prefer a more playful aesthetic? Hang your prints asymmetrically! It’s an easy and fun way to add a sense of intrigue with your space. Plus, it takes up more space if you’re dealing with a big wall. 

          8. Photo Gallery

          Half Moons decals

          Last but not least, unleash your inner designer and make a photo gallery! We love photo galleries because they give you creative freedom to mix and match different photos and prints with different sizes. In fact, the more varied sizes, often the better your photo gallery will look!

          For more wall decor inspiration and decoration tips, check out these wall mural ideas and these wall art ideas.

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