10 Christmas Wall Decals to Spread Holiday Cheer

10 Christmas Wall Decals to Spread Holiday Cheer

If you’re like us, nothing screams holiday season like decorations. Yes, we love giving presents to our loved ones, making family recipes, and watching a roundup of holiday-themed movies.  But the joy of sprinkling decorations around our home presses the “start” button to the holiday season. Which is why we’re so excited about our 2021 Holiday & Christmas Decals. We’ve got snowflakes, Santa, pine trees, and more festive details that bring holiday cheer straight to your home! 

Reminder: these decals are easily removable! Once Christmastime passes and the new year comes along, you can take these designs down without causing wall damage. However, if you want to leave them up all year - we won’t judge! 🙂

Festive & Fun Holiday Decorating Ideas - 10 Christmas Wall Decals

1. Little Santa Set Wall Decals

Little Santa Set Wall Decals

Embrace your inner child with our Little Santa Holiday Decals. Set up the set along baseboards, above dressers, around the mantle, or anywhere you’d like to add some holiday cheer. It’s a perfect decorative surprise for your kiddos - and adults!- on decorating day. Get the look: Little Santa Set Wall Decals

2. Most Wonderful Time of the Year Wall Decal

Most Wonderful Time of the Year with Snowflakes Wall Decal

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Remind yourself of the magic of the holiday season with this fun and unique wall decal. The font is a mix of print and cursive - plus, sweet little snowflakes bookend the design for an extra festive flair. (It’s available in 25 colors - pink and blue to silver and gold!) Get the look: Most Wonderful Time of the Year

3. Let it Snow Wall Decal

Let It Snow Wall Decal

These three words capture the holiday season. Whether you live somewhere where it snows or not, this decal makes every day feel a little more like a snow day. Place it above a fireplace, dresser, or any wall that could use some holiday flair. Get the look: Let it Snow Wall Decal.

4. All is Calm All is Bright Wall Decal

All Is Calm Wall Decal

Inspired by holiday caroles, this decal calms a room while adding a sense of brightness. Adorned with festive doodles and cursive letters, we hope it makes you smile every time you walk by it. Get the look: All is Calm All is Bright.

5. Snowflakes Wall Decals

Snowflakes Wall Decals

Transform your home into a picturesque snow globe with these snowflake wall decals. Each set gives you 8 unique snowflake variations with 38 snowflakes total, coming in both large and small sizes. Get the look: Snowflakes Wall Decals.

6. Twinkle Stars Wall Decals

Holiday Twinkle Stars Wall Decals

Your holiday decorations will shine as bright as ever with these Holiday Twinkle Stars Wall Decals. While they’re available in 25 colors, order them in metallic silver or gold for extra sparkle. Get the look: Twinkle Stars Wall Decals

7. Christmas Holly Wall Decals

Christmas Holly Wall Decals

This is one of our favorite decals from this holiday collection. With a mix of red berries, evergreen sprigs, and holly leaves - this pack epitomizes a cozy, “hygge” holiday season. You can scatter the decals on a wall (above image) or layer them closely around a mirror (as seen in the featured image). Either way, you can’t go wrong! Get the look: Christmas Holly Wall Decals. 

8. Christmas Cheer Wall Decals

Christmas Cheer Wall Decals

Bring the winter wonderland views to your windows!  These Christmas Cheer Wall Decals are designed special for windows and glass and come in 25+ colors. However, they do look best in white for ultimate visibility. Each pack includes snowflakes of various sizes and styles, holly sprigs, stars, and dots. Shop now: Christmas Cheer Wall Decals.

9. Pine Tree Wall Decals

Pine Tree Wall Decals

If you can’t go to the forest, why not bring the forest to you? This pack comes with 28 pine tree designs that you can style as you please. Sweet, minimalist and perfectly festive.  It’s also available in 28 colors - red to purple and all the colors in between! Get the look: Pine Tree Wall Decals

10. Little Nutcracker Set Wall Decals

Little Nutcracker Set Wall Decals

This Nutcracker decal set includes the Mouse King, Clara, the Nutcracker Prince, and a beautiful ballerina. Decorate with this cast of festive characters any way you wish! Get the look: Little Nutcracker Set Wall Decals

Love decals for all year round - not just holiday season? See our full collection of wall decals including nature-inspired, floral, and minimalist designs.

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