• Nutty For Acorn Decals

    Nutty For Acorn Decals

    New decal arrivals for us mean new design inspiration for you! Can you imagine? The rich scent of a pine forest, seeds blowing in the wind, late afternoon sunlight peeking through the leaves…The great outdoors is calling and we must decorate! With our new Acorn decal pack you can squirrel away woodland design...

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  • Irregular Dot Decals Featured on The Glitter Guide

    Irregular Dot Decals Featured on The Glitter Guide

    Does anyone actually like moving? We understand the hassle, but we can’t help feeling a bit giddy over the design possibilities that come with a brand new space! A few weeks ago, our friend Erin Sousa of Sparkle Media moved to a brand spankin’ new office in a trendy little pocket of historic Gastown....

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  • Creativity On Display

    Creativity On Display

    You may have known UrbanWalls offers a wholesale program. You may have even known that our decals can make corners of your shop look dreamy….But what you may not have realized is that you can custom order decals to design your very own storefront window.That’s right, our decals work on...

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