Relax, Renew, New Bathroom

Relax, Renew, New Bathroom

When you’ve had a long day, there’s not much better than a warm bath, candles, your favorite bath bomb, and a glass of wine to help you unwind.

 But what if your bathroom isn’t such a relaxing place? We’ve got the perfect solution. 

The start of a new year calls for a new place to chill and there’s no easier way to refresh your bathroom than with our decals, wallpaper, or murals.


We frequently get asked if our products will stick in bathrooms and the answer is YES! Just make sure your walls are clean and dry before application.


From quick and easy peel-and-stick decals to lovely wallpaper designs installed above wainscoting, pick the look that’s right for your powder room. 

Don’t you think it’s time to invest in rest?

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