A Few of Our Favorite Things – 2020 Edition

A Few of Our Favorite Things – 2020 Edition


Although our favorite things don’t actually include raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, we wanted to share five of our favorite wall decals from 2020. And guess what? They must be a few of your favorite things too, because you guys made these products Urbanwalls best sellers!

Dye Cut Decals – Irregular Dots

Like you could ever have a best sellers list without our Irregular Dot decals! These little babies bring big fun 100% of the time. They come in tons of colors and are the quickest way to redesign any space.

What makes it a fan favorite: Easy to apply, easy to remove, our Irregular Dots are the simplest way to add pizazz to any space. They’re also ideal if you have any wall imperfections. Just choose how tightly or loosely you’d like the spacing between each dot to create an instant impact, erasing all those scrapes and dents! Not to mention, the price tag is pretty nice too.



Small Decal – Little Fairy Set

There’s nothing quite like creating space for imagination. Our Little Fairy decal set comes with 15 decals, including butterflies, toadstools, fairies, and more. We are so pleased you enjoy this little whimsical wonder as much as we do!

What makes it a fan favorite: It’s completely adorable, affordable, easy for your littles to apply themselves, and is perfect for out-of-the-way nooks, corners, and even doorways. A subtle bit of fun.



Medium Decal – Coral Watercolor Polka Dots

Though they’re available in multiple colors, you all have spoken. When it comes to our Coral Watercolor Polka Dots, it’s love! This design is full of texture and translucence, giving you the actual artist’s rendering, right down to the paper's original texture.

What makes it a fan favorite: With our Coral Watercolor Polka Dots, it’s so easy to add some fun to any space, particularly little girl bedrooms and nurseries. Just peel and stick in the arrangement you wish.



Large Decal – Bohemian Palms

We have absolutely adored seeing all your designs with our Bohemian Palms decals this year. Newly released this spring with the Saguaro Collection, these dreamy decals are the ticket to creating your own breezy oasis.

What make it a fan favorite: We may be partial, but our Bohemian Palms decals are super pretty. With muted tones, they happen to look amazing in any kind of room—from living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, home offices, and even boutiques!

Wallpaper – Buon Fresco

Soothing with just the right amount of texture, our Buon Fresco wallpaper is the right choice for anyone looking to bring a rhythmic, calming pattern into their space. Newly released with the Saguaro Collection this year, Buon Fresco quickly became a crowd pleaser!

What makes it a fan favorite: Versatility! The Buon Fresco wallpaper is neutral enough to go with any décor and any color scheme but sophisticated enough to love for years to come.




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