Our 2023 Design Inspo

Our 2023 Design Inspo

As we welcome in the new year, we also welcome new design inspiration. Our aspirations and influences come from all around as we have been exploring ways to continue to beautify spaces. Here’s what has inspired us, we hope it inspires you too…

Whimsy + Vintage Designs

Unique colors and shapes to bring character to design styles that we haven’t given enough love and attention to. Whimsical designs are always a sure way to bring a little magic to your home with something as easy as a wall decal, print, or wallpaper/mural. New designs that align with vintage styles to give your home a refresh but still feel that bit of nostalgia that comes with vintage influences!

Color Palettes

(Viva Magenta 18-1750)

New Florals


Whether it’s bright and bold or more muted and neutral, new florals are in the works. We’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the seasons and our monthly color palettes and we are so excited to finalize these designs and get more walls blossoming. 

 Sport Designs 

We have taken inspiration from our customers who have helped Urbanwalls grow and have always given us the best ideas!

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