Let Your Space Shine With These 5 Unique Decorating Ideas For Summer

Let Your Space Shine With These 5 Unique Decorating Ideas For Summer

Unique Decorating Ideas For Summer

The weather is warmer, the days are longer…summer is finally here!

We all love summertime for its bright sun, long days, and warm nights. But what if we could bring a little bit of that summer feeling indoors? What if we could celebrate the season by giving your space a fresh, summerlike look?

So whether you're renting a cottage by the beach, spending the summer at your lake house, or just want to add some extra personality to your outdoor patio, we've got you covered with these fiery and fun summer wallpaper ideas.

Let's dive into these five unique decorating ideas for summer to let your space shine!

Your Kids' Imagination Will Run Wild In Their Playhouse

Kids Imagination In Their Playhouse

What better way to fuel your kids' imaginations than by turning their playhouse into a summer oasis?

Bring your kids' dreams into reality, and decorate their playhouses or spaces with fun summer wall decor that reflect their personalities and hobbies.

Summer Safari Animal Wall Decals

For the animal lover, try our Summer Safari Animal Wall Decals. With this animalistic decor idea, your child can explore the Serengeti right in their backyard.

Big Shark Wall Decals

 Do they prefer a more oceanic feel? In that case, our Big Shark Wall Decals are perfect for them. They can explore a world of marine life without even having to leave their play fort.

 Little Fairy Set

For the budding mystical fairy in your family, our Little Fairy Set will add a touch of magic and otherworldly wonder to their playtime.

Watch this video on how to remake an everyday dollhouse into a marvelous spectacle:


These are just a few concepts to get your wheels turning. The possibilities of summer decoration ideas for your kids' playhouse are endless. So have fun with it, and let their imaginations run wild!

Design A Relaxing Beach Cottage Retreat

Is there anything more therapeutic than the sound of waves crashing on the shore? If you can't go to the beach this summer, bring the beach to you with our summer ocean aesthetic wallpapers and wall decals.

Capri Low High Tide

For a more subtle approach, try our Capri Low Tide or Capri High Tide summer murals. These murals give you all the beauty of a summer beach day without being too overpowering. They're perfect for creating a calming and relaxing space with a simple yet powerful summertime wallpaper.

Underwater Whale Wall Decals

No matter which route you choose, you're sure to end up with a beach-worthy space that'll have you feeling relaxed in no time.

Feel free to take this space to another level with a sound system featuring the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the shore or calming whale sounds There's something about being by the water that just has a way of washing all your worries away.

Create A Welcoming Lake House

Cecret Meadow Wall Decals

The lake house has summertime written all over it. It's the perfect place to host friends and family, fire up the grill, and enjoy all the entertainment that summer has to offer. Make sure your space is ready to accommodate all of your guests by giving it a fresh, new look.

A great way to start is by adding a fun, floral wall design like our Secret Meadow Wall Decals. With this wall decal, you create a sunburst of natural flowers that will easily invite any guest into your lake house.

Madam Butterfly Wall Decals

For a more glamorous and eye-catching action, try our Madam Butterfly Wall Decals. Nothing greets your guests with an elegant flair better than gorgeously illustrated black and white monarch butterflies.

And don’t forget to add some personal touches with family photos and the best summer decoration ideas that reflect your interests.

Summertime is the perfect time to gather all of your friends and family for a getaway to your lake house. Whether you're hosting a Fourth of July barbecue or just enjoying some quality time with your family, these summer aesthetic wall designs are sure to give your lake house the perfect summertime makeover.

Transform Tree Houses Into Summertime Escapes

Kids Summertime

Do you want your kids to create fond memories of spending their summers in a gorgeous tree house? Bring those childhood memories to life by giving their tree house or space a makeover that'll redefine the beauty of summer in their eyes.

One unique decorating idea for summer is to use a combination of summertime wall decals to craft a space that's truly theirs. Start by coming up with a design idea that mirrors their desires and make it their own, such as fairies, butterfly princesses, dinosaurs, or cars.

Little Unicorn Set Wall Decals

For example, our Little Unicorn Set Wall Decals are the perfect start for a summer aesthetic that is not only cute but also whimsical.

 Blue Moon Wall Decals

To add celestial magic, the Blue Moon Wall Decal will add a heavenly experience to the overall aesthetic. Plus they're easy to apply and remove, so you can change up the design as often as you want.

 These decorating ideas for summer are sure to give your tree house that summertime feeling that'll have them wanting to spend all of their time outdoors.

Outdoor Patio Spaces Deserve Some Love Too

 Watercolor Rainbow Wall Mural

Your patio spaces are an extension of your home and they should be treated as such. They are the ideal place to spend those long summer days and nights, making them an excellent space for capturing the summer magic.

A great way to start is by adding a fun, watercolor summertime wallpaper like our Watercolor Rainbow Wall Mural. The gorgeous ombre colors blend to create a perfect harmony that reimagines the charm of a summer sunset.

These decorating ideas are sure to give your outdoor patio space the summertime makeover it deserves while leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

Bring The Beauty Of Summer Indoors With Wall Decor

As the days start to get shorter and the weather starts to heat up, we must welcome summer with a warm hello. With these cute summer wallpaper ideas, you can bring a little bit of summertime magic indoors all year round!

So whether you want to relax in your beach cottage or host a Fourth of July party in your backyard, we hope these ideas inspire you to create a summer space that you'll love. Let your space shine this summer with these five unique decorating ideas for summer!

What are your favorite summer decorating ideas? Start by shopping our collection of the best summer wallpapers, wall decals, and murals today!

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We can't wait to see what you create. Happy decorating!

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