Blushing Peonies Wall Decals

Kids' Rooms We Love: Exciting Designs for Your Little One's Space

There's just something special about watching your child grow up. Every stage is a new adventure, and it's such a joy to see them learn and explore. As they get older, one of the most important things is giving them their own space to call their own. A place where they can be themselves and express their personality. 

Stir up your little one's imagination with a bedroom that celebrates their childhood. From royal chambers to adventurous tents fit for an explorer, these rooms are sure to get them excited about growing up. 

Who knows, maybe they'll even invite you in for a sleepover once in a while!

Here are a few creative kids’ room designs to inspire you. 

Blushing Blooms Fit For A Royal

Blushing Peonies Wall Decals

Every little child dreams of being a royal, and this room brings that fantasy to life. From the beautiful canopy bed to the delicate details on the furniture, the right furniture and accessories are key to achieving this look.

However, you should not underestimate the power that wallpaper has in tying an entire room design together. The Blushing Peonies mural helps you to achieve the soft royal aesthetic in your child's room. The blush pink color palette of the blossoms is an excellent way to add a touch of elegance, while still keeping the room youthful.

Pair it with a canopy bed for a truly regal look. A canopy bed's simple silhouette is brought to life with intricate details, like the carved posts and intricate metalwork. Add in some plush pillows and voila! Your little one will have a room fit for a true royalty and the ideal space to escape when they need a break from reality.

Up, Up, and Away!

Teal Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals

Who doesn’t love a good adventure? Here’s a perfect space for your little explorer to dream up their next big escapade. A tent bed is a perfect way to make them feel like they're camping out in their room, and a colorful bunting adds a touch of whimsy.

Pair it with some natural elements, like rattan baskets, to bring the outdoors inside. The baskets are perfect for storing all of your child's favorite toys, and they add a touch of texture to the room.

Finish off with excellent peel and stick kids' wall decals to capture the entire essence of the room. The Teal Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals are unmatched when creating a fun and playful space. It features a few teal hot air balloons floating through a vast pale blue sky littered with soft clouds and airplanes. The best way to inspire your kid to be the best they can be is by encouraging them to reach for the stars, while getting them excited for their next big adventure!

This is the ultimate room for your little adventurer.

What Do You ‘Sea?’

Big Sharks Wall Decals

Ahoy, matey! From the great azure skies to the expansive cerulean oceans, there's nowhere your kids' imagination can't reach. The navy blue and white color palette create a nautical feel, while a sailboat bed ensures sweet dreams of sailing the seven seas.

Set sail with some creative sea animal wallpaper, like the Big Sharks Wall Decals. The playful shark family is perfect for a water-themed room, and it's a great way to incorporate some color into the space.

Masterfully crafted by Mary Clare Wilkie,  this peel and stick kids wallpaper will make your little one feel like they're swimming in a magical ocean!

Rise and Shine, My Little Sunshine!

Sunscape Wall Decals

Create a room that is full of energy and life for your little ray of sunshine. This room is sure to get them excited for each new day, with a bright and cheery color palette.

Start off with a fun bed that is the perfect place for your child to curl up for a nap or read their favorite book. Then, pair it with some colorful bedding and bright little kids' wallpaper. 

The Sunscape Wall Decals is an excellent place to start. Simple yet sparkling, this golden sunspace is reminiscent of the desert sun. It also comes in a wide range of colors, so you can find the shade that is right for you and your child's creative vision. Plus, with these golden sunscapes, you can brighten your dark walls in any space. 

Jurassic Dreams

Prehistoric Dinosaurs Wall Decals

Take your child back in time with this dino-themed room. The green and blue color palette create a prehistoric feel, while the dinosaur bed ensures the sweet dreams of your mighty kids.

To really bring the room to life, take the party to the walls with some cute dinosaur wallpaper and wall decals. The Prehistoric Dinosaur Wall Decals are the best for creating a prehistoric scene. This kids’ room wallpaper set includes various different dinosaurs such as the stegosaurus, pterodactyl, and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

With this dinosaur-themed bedroom idea, your kid can have their very own Jurassic Park in their room!

Wild At Heart

Wildheart Wallpaper

Have an animal lover in the house? Here's a room that is perfect for your little wild one. To create this themed room, start with a fun animal bed and pair it with equally unique bedding, animal wallpaper and wall art.

Get the party started with Wildheart Wallpaper. With this theme, you will create an entire menagerie on the wall, which includes lions, birds, deer, and more. 

Your wild one is sure to roam free with this creative design.

It's Time To Say Goodbye To The Boring Kids' Room

As your child starts to grow, it's time to say goodbye to a boring kids' room and usher in a new era of excitement. With these cool kids' room wallpaper and designs, you can let your child's imagination run wild. So why stick to boring old walls when you can have so much more?

Whether you're looking for a room that is full of energy or one that is tranquil and serene, the possibilities are endless. So take a look at which design is right for your child's personality. Then start planning while allowing your creativity to flow. Get ready to watch your kids grow into the imaginative individuals they were meant to be. Exciting times are ahead!

Gather the materials you need for these rooms by shopping our collection of kids' wallpaper, wall decals, and wall stickers. With our superior quality of peel and stick kids’ wallpapers, it has never been easier or more fun to design your own custom kids' room. Shop today and get started on creating the perfect space for your little one.

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