How to Make the Ultimate Fruit Salad (Recipe)

How to Make the Ultimate Fruit Salad (Recipe)

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Is there anything better than fresh fruit? Whether you have a sweet tooth or love whole and healthy, natural foods, fruit checks all the boxes. Now that summer is practically knocking on our doors, we are so excited to get back into summer eating (and summer decorating with our fruit wall decals)!

Our recommendation? Before you get started making the actual fruit salad, make your own semi-permanent fruit salad to get in the mood with any one of our removable fruit wall decals: Strawberries, Peaches, Lemons, Oranges, Tangerines in Greens, Pears, or Watercolor Cherries. Or, bring a fresh look into your home by mixing a few decal packs together for a truly colorful summer.

We know what you’re thinking—how hard could it really be to make fruit salad? Do I actually need a recipe? Of course, you don’t really need a recipe and there is a lot of wiggle room regarding which fruit you actually choose (feel free to add your favorites or swap out a flavor you don’t like for something new), but we wanted to share a fruit salad recipe we love—just because it has a couple little fruity twists.

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Fruit Salad Ingredients

1 lb.  Pineapple – Girl, are you a fruit? Because if you were, you’d be a fine-apple. Add that sweet, fine-apple to your fruit salad. Just make sure it’s ripe (it’ll smell sweet and have a slight give when pressed) and chop it into pieces first.

12 oz. Grapes – You can use red or green grapes, though we prefer red. Likewise, you can slice them in half or leave them whole. You do you!

4 Kiwis – Add some tang to this fruit salad! Not to mention great color. Peel and chop before adding into the salad.

1 lb. Strawberries – Chop them into perfect pieces. Just make sure they’re the perfect ripeness, too—not too mushy or soft, brilliant red color.

Blueberries – The plumper and bluer the better! (No need to chop these little babies)

3 Mandarin Oranges – Canned or fresh! Though, it’s pretty hard to beat fresh. (1 15-oz. can will work in lieu of 3 oranges).

2 Sliced Bananas – While we love bananas in this recipe, we know not everyone is bananas for, well, bananas. Your recipe won’t be lacking anything if you leave the bananas out, but if you do decide to use bananas, just make sure they’re the perfect ripeness. We don’t want any green or brown bananas in this recipe!

½ Watermelon – Again, the watermelon is optional, but when you get a bite of that sweet, juicy flavor paired with the feta cheese it’s absolutely out of this world.

1/3 Cup Honey – Local, organic honey is our preference, but anything you have will be *chef’s kiss*. Not to mention, we have happy little Bumble Bee wall decals that would add a nice little touch to your fruit decals!

3 tsp Lime Zest – We like using limes for this recipe, but we have heard of friends making it with lemons. It takes about 3 limes to make this work!

2 Tbsp Fresh Lime Juice – So much yum is about to happen here.

Feta Cheese or Goat Cheese Crumbles – We are crazy about goat cheese with fruit! If you haven’t tried it, you certainly need to!

Now that you’ve gathered all your ingredients, let’s talk about how to actually make the fruit salad. It’s super simple (takes about 20 minutes) and you’re going to love it. Promise.

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How to Make Fruit Salad

Prepare Fruit – Chop fruits (minus blueberries…and grapes if you’re not into chopping grapes) and add your bounty into a large, preferably colorful, mixing bowl.

Mix the Topping – In a second, smaller bowl, whisk together the honey, lime zest, and lime juice.

Toss Fruit Salad with Topping – Just before serving, pour the lime and honey dressing over the fruit and toss for even distribution

Add Feta Cheese or Goat Cheese Crumbles – Add the feta cheese to the top of the salad as a garnish. It’s entirely up to you how much feta you’d like to use (sometimes we use the entire box), so shake it in as liberally or sparingly as you like. Be sure to toss the salad so the feta is evenly distributed and then you can always add a little extra to the top!

Now, send us all the pictures of you making our fruit salad with our fruit wall decals. We hope you have the absolute tastiest summer yet!

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