Elevating Storefront Aesthetics: Urbanwalls' Creative Transformation for Onyx Aesthetic Studio

Elevating Storefront Aesthetics: Urbanwalls' Creative Transformation for Onyx Aesthetic Studio

In the heart of Vancouver's historic Gastown district lies a hidden gem that effortlessly blends vintage charm with modern sophistication - the Onyx Aesthetic Studio. At Urbanwalls, we take immense pride in curating visually stunning wall decor that adds a touch of magic to any space. Our recent collaboration with Onyx Studio showcases our commitment to transforming businesses into inviting havens of creativity and inspiration.

A Blossoming Partnership

The journey began when Linda, the visionary behind Onyx Aesthetic, reached out to Urbanwalls. Drawn by our Vintage Floral collection, Linda's creative spirit resonated with the delicate yet vibrant designs that exude an air of timeless elegance. Eager to translate her artistic vision into reality, Linda envisioned a bespoke storefront adorned with a captivating floral bouquet spanning the width of her windows, creating a breathtaking backdrop for her gold logo decal.

static cling store window decor for aesthetic studio

Customization Beyond Boundaries

Urbanwalls' collaboration with Onyx Studio epitomizes our dedication to turning imaginative concepts into tangible masterpieces. Our graphics team seamlessly transformed Linda's aspiration into a vivid reality, crafting a bespoke floral arrangement that gracefully complemented the vintage vibes that define the studio's ambiance. The Vintage Floral design effortlessly wove itself into the tapestry of Onyx Studio, enhancing its appeal with jewel-tone hues that command attention.

Experience the process firsthand: Watch our step-by-step tutorial for storefront window installation (Source: Youtube). Elevate your space effortlessly!

A Window to Wonder

Stepping foot into Onyx Studio’s storefront is akin to entering a fairytale garden brimming with enchantment. The meticulously crafted window decals, expertly designed using our cling stick vinyl, serve as both an invitation and a prelude to the treasures that await inside. These captivating designs aren't just eye-catching; they possess the transformative power to captivate passersby and draw them into Linda's world of aesthetics and beauty.

Elevate your space effortlessly with our ready-to-go Victorian Floral window package, available in three different sizes. Purchase yours today and transform your ambiance with timeless charm.

Elevate your space effortlessly with our ready-to-go Victorian Floral window package, available in three different sizes. Click Here to purchase yours today and transform your ambiance with timeless charm.

woman installing static cling store window decor for aesthetic studio

Seamless Installation, Effortless Transformation

Linda's desire for ease was at the forefront of our minds as we embarked on the installation process. Urbanwalls' installation team, equipped with precision and expertise, seamlessly brought the vision to life. In just three hours, the sprawling floral bouquet elegantly cascaded across the storefront windows, providing the perfect backdrop for Linda's logo and infusing the space with an aura of elegance and charm.

A Collaborative Triumph

Central to this project's success was the unwavering trust that Linda placed in Urbanwalls. Her unwavering confidence in our designers and installation team allowed us to pour our creative energy into every detail, resulting in a transformation that left both parties exhilarated. Linda's serene presence and palpable excitement further fueled our passion for bringing her artistic dreams to fruition, making this collaboration a truly rewarding experience.

Elevating Spaces, Elevating Brands

Urbanwalls' partnership with Onyx Studio is a testament to the impact of thoughtful and innovative wall decor. Beyond the aesthetic transformation, our collaboration contributed to a profound shift in the way businesses perceive their physical spaces. The revitalized storefront is not only visually striking but also serves as a testament to the power of creative expression in reinforcing a brand's identity.

static cling store window decor for aesthetic studio


The Urbanwalls x Onyx Studio journey exemplifies the magic that transpires when creativity, vision, and expertise converge. Our commitment to delivering exceptional wall decor solutions extends beyond aesthetics; it's about fostering a sense of wonder, inspiring creativity, and elevating spaces to new heights. Linda's dream of a captivating floral haven has now become a vibrant reality that mirrors the essence of Onyx Studio. As we continue to redefine the boundaries of wall decor, Urbanwalls stands as a beacon of inspiration, empowering businesses to embrace their identity and tell their unique stories through the language of design. 


Tell me more about customization options.

Our customization options provide you with the creative freedom to tailor your desired design to your exact specifications. You can choose specific color palettes, adjust the size and arrangement and even incorporate personalized elements that hold special meaning to you. Whether it's matching your brand colors, adding a unique twist, or aligning with your space's aesthetics, our team is here to bring your vision to life. Contact us to explore the endless possibilities and create a design that truly speaks to you.

Can I purchase design samples?

Absolutely! We offer samples for all three of our pre-designed storefront window displays. You can explore these options, including intricate florals, in our "Window Decals" section on our website HERE. Get inspired by the available choices Urbanwalls has to elevate your storefront.

Why Choose Urbanwalls for Seamless Storefront Window Installations?

Choosing Urbanwalls for seamless storefront window installations offers a unique advantage. Our collaboration focuses on customization, working closely with you to bring your creative ideas to life while ensuring your brand is visually and professionally represented. This personalized approach creates an immersive experience for your customers as they step into a space that truly embodies your vision and identity.
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