Textured Abstract Bohemian Palms Cluster Wall Decals

Textured Abstract Bohemian Palms Cluster Wall Decals


We gave our best-selling Bohemian Palms a modern makeover we think you’ll love! The Abstract Bohemian Palms Wall Decals feature soft floral decals of orchids, pampas grass, and fan leaf bouquets, alongside modern arches and abstract shapes. Every decal is freestanding, allowing your design to be completely unique to your home. Crafted from neutral tones with pops of burgundy and rust, The Abstract Bohemian Palms Wall Decals deliver the romantic hues of a desert sunset.

The Abstract Bohemian Palms Wall Decals were created in the same style as our Bohemian Palms Wall Decals, our Dried Fan Palm Leaf Wall Decal, and our Thistle and Palms Wall Decals. Carry the complementary designs throughout your home or mix and match for a cohesive look in one room.

Crafted to deliver all the perks of wallpaper with none of the cons, our wall coverings can be easily applied and easily removed, supporting frequent redesigns and variety. All Urbanwalls vinyl decals will never damage your walls and even look great against any painted wall color. With our beautiful wall decals, you get full control of your design, spacing and placing each decal wherever you wish. Change and swap décor or mix and match a particular aesthetic with affordable decorations from cohesive collections. From designers to those who claim no creativity, we enable our customers to think outside of the box, inspiring them to fall in love with the spaces that surround them.

*The display photo may not depict the design to exact scale so please double-check the listed measurement specifications.


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Product Details


  • • Textured Self-Adhesive Removable Vinyl
    • Quick Installation (easy-to-understand application instructions included)
    • Designed for Textured Surfaces 
    • Specialized vinyl for easy installation, specifically designed for home decor
    • Canvas finish
    • Long-lasting (think years!)
    • Easily removable without causing wall damage (however, not reusable)
    Please note: We do not control our print supplier's ink hues and color changes, therefore, we cannot guarantee that our dye lot colors will be precisely the same as orders placed on different dates. It is especially important to keep this in mind when ordering samples before the full product, or if you find you need additional wallpaper panels at a later date. Slight color variations may occur in the same product purchased at different times.
  • - - - - The Boheme Collection - - - -
    Golden hour in the desert—the small space of time before twilight when the sun dips low, painting everything with warmth. Inspired by these sacred moments, the Boheme Collection by Urbanwalls delivers the magic of a desert falling to dusk. These designs span from sunset to midnight, featuring sun-washed meadows, stucco and tie-dye textures, and detailed palms. The collection then seamlessly transitions to celebrating the desert at night with constellations, celestial bodies, and moon phase designs crafted to ignite creativity and wonder. With Urbanwalls, infuse la vie de Boheme into your home.
  • - - - - See It In Your Home - - - -
    Interested to see how the Abstract Bohemian Palms Wall Decals would look in your space? With our Virtual Design Assistant service, you can upload a picture of any room and try our products “virtually” before you make your purchase! By using the Virtual Design Assistant, you can also easily determine how many wall decals packs you will need to fill your space to your desired specifications.

Textured Wall / Full Order

  • 50 Wall Decals included per pack
    • Decals measures from 33” wide to 51” tall to 2” wide to 2” tall , bringing lots of variety to your design.

Textured Wall / Half Order

  • 25 Wall Decals included per pack
    • Decals measures from 33” wide to 35” tall to 2” wide to 2” tall , bringing lots of variety to your design.

Textured Wall / Sample

  • 1 Cluster Sample, 4-5 inches

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