• Irregular Dot How-To

    THE PEEL AND STICKYou could say our Irregular Dot decals are an installation dream come true. You could say they have a lot of “a-peel”…You could, and you wouldn’t be wrong.These little babies have the power to easily jazz up your space without being labor intensive. No seriously, you just peel…and stick!...

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  • Two Ways to use our Swan Decals!

    Two Ways to use our Swan Decals!

    Birds of A Feather Flock TogetherWho needs convention anyway?! Well okay, we admit that we appreciate a great uniform design every now and again.But the point is, you don’t HAVE to arrange your decals in a “traditional” sense…unless you want to.Take our Pink Swan decals for example. We installed our pink...

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  • Decor Inspiration Board

    Decor Inspiration Board | Whales

    Whale Decals Style InspirationSwim into sweet dreams with our friendly Whale decal pack! Some of our decals, cute as they are, can leave you feeling stumped. “What could I possibly do with these?” you might be thinking.For a little inspiration, we put together a style board featuring our Whale decals. We...

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