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Inexpensive Remodels: 
Making Moves with our Tangerines in Greens

Posted on by Danielle Hardy

Who doesn’t love a cheap home interior update? Autumn, the genius designer, writer, and vintage shop owner behind Make Moves renovated her food blogger friend Aleshia’s kitchen for under $500. No, you don’t need glasses. You read that number correctly.

Using our Tangerines in Greens peel-and-stick, removable decals, Autumn brought dimension and color behind Aleshia’s open shelving.

“[The decals were] definitely the jumping off point for this kitchen design,” Autumn disclosed on her blog. “I knew from the get-go I wanted to do something interesting behind [Aleshia’s] open shelves, but as soon as I found these peel-and-stick tangerine wall decals, I was sold. I mean COMMON—they MAKE this space.”


We think the whole kitchen looks pretty amazing, but we do love that we got to be such a huge part of the remodel! Autumn and Aleshia used four packs of our Tangerines in Greens to create the design. Yep, even with four packs, and all their other fun purchases, they still managed to come in at budget! No way traditional wallpaper could give you that perk.

Add some sunny, vintage glassware, a new color scheme, and some brass accents and you have yourself a brand new space! Not all redesigns have to be big-time expensive to have a big-time effect.

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