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Room Tour - Bohemian Nursery

Posted on by Kristie urbanwalls


There’s just something oh-so-magical about walking into a room and feeling absolutely transported. Your mood shifts, you feel lighter, at ease, but relaxed and energized all at once.
That’s exactly what happens when you turn the corner into Ali Hoet’s (@itsmealig) daughter’s nursery, featuring our Bohemian Palm decals. The muted, soothing tones of the Bohemian Palms work in tandem with the neutrals Ali chose for her accent colors.
Ali arranged our Palms as the focal point behind her daughter’s crib and then got to work adding delicate accents—like a braided jute rug, beaded chandelier, and a neutral wood dresser. But our favorite little touch is the color pop! Ali chose a burnt rust tone to add dimension and infuse life into the sage and cream color scheme.
We know your girl is going to love her nursery as much as we do!