One Decal Two Ways — Lots of Dots

One Decal Two Ways — Lots of Dots




We’ve already established that our Irregular Dot decals are kind of an installation dream come true. 

But just in case you’re a little late to the game, this little decal set has the power to pack a big punch without being labor intensive.






No seriously, you just peel…and stick! As if it needed to get any better, you can also choose how closely or far apart you want each dot spaced. Which brings us to our next point…

How many Irregular Dot packs do you need for each look, anyway? 


Using a 7 ft x 7 ft wall for both designs, we put our Dots to the test to see just how many decal packs are needed!





When you use our Irregular Dots to create a spread-out statement wall, all you need is one pack.

No, really! Just one (we actually didn’t even use the whole thing)!

This method is not only super easy with our peel-and-stick dots, it’s also extremely cost effective.







Using the same wall, we clustered the Irregular dots together to create a busier, closely-spaced look. 

Though this style takes a bit longer and uses six decal packs, we gotta say—we love the effect of a 

bold statement wall!

No matter what style you choose, you can’t go wrong! The Irregular Dot decals come on a sheet—think giant sticker sheet, like when you were a kid. Once you’ve picked the destination for your dots, just peel and stick! And because the dots themselves are irregular, the spacing doesn’t have to be perfect (unless you really want it to be). On that note, the dots are actually easy to peel off and reposition where you like!


Want a pro-tip? The Irregular Dot decal pack is actually a great one to use if you have any wall imperfections. Ya   know, like that pesky little scrape from installing your bookshelf, or that nail hole you can’t bring yourself to spackle…

Just peel a dot and stick!


You also get to choose from about a bagillion colour options when you order. Okay, maybe it’s not a bagillion, but it’s a lot. (To be fair, we aren’t actually sure how many a bagillion is because we may have made up that number.) Pick the perfect colour and the perfect spacing for any wall!


Have you used our Irregular Dot decal pack? We’d love to see what you created! 

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