Nothing Sour about Lemon Decals

Nothing Sour about Lemon Decals

As warmer weather approaches, why not embrace the season with one of our many spring-inspired decals? Lifestyle blogger Monika Hibbs did just that when she decided to brighten her kids’ playroom with our little Lemon decals.

The Urbanwalls team headed over to Monika’s home to help install her new decal pack. In the playroom, there were gorgeous white walls…so we knew the lemons were really going to pop!

Monika opted for a “wallpaper feel” for the lemons, so we quickly got to work measuring and taping the decals to ensure they were perfectly spaced before we peeled the adhesive.

As an added bonus, Monika even whipped up some healthy chocolate cupcakes for us while we worked! (Check out her amazing recipe, HERE)

The finished playroom had us ready for summer holidays! And maybe for some lemonade.

Interested in applying a “seasonal” decal to your home or space? We have a ton! “But,” you might be thinking, “what if I’m over the springy decals come fall or winter?” No problem, girlfriend. Just peel them off with no damage to your walls! Enjoy the blank wall for a while, or (better option) pick a new decal pack that embodies your seasonal feels.

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