New Unicorn Wallpaper & Decal Packs!

New Unicorn Wallpaper & Decal Packs!

Though we love all of our products and work hard to make every item magical, we must admit, we are extremely excited to release our Unicorn wallpaper and decal packs (magic included)!

We’ve created wallpaper, a large decal pack, and a smaller decal pack so you can achieve whatever look you love—or get both, complementing the wallpaper with offset decals throughout the room. Your space, your rules!

No matter which of our Unicorn décor products you choose, get ready for your room to be transformed into a fantastical world of daydreams.

Step into a magical woodland forest filled with unicorns and fairytale creatures. Designed using muted colors in a vintage style, our Unicorn wallpaper and decal pack features frolicking unicorns, curious rabbits, yellow chickadees, wandering hedgehogs, and resting deer. While these characters appear in a repeating pattern, offset by gorgeous foliage, flowers, berries, and red-capped toadstools in the wallpaper, these elements are freestanding, vinyl stickers in the decal packs.

Our wallpaper is available in two background color choices, allowing you to choose from pale pink to set the tone of your whimsical wonderland.

Imagination’s the limit.

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