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Month of Eden - Mini Eden Floral Decals

Posted on by Danielle Hardy

With smaller decal sets like our Mini Eden pack, Urbanwalls has made it possible to give love to overlooked surfaces! Of course, you can put these little blooming beauties on your wall—space them and place them into whatever formation you’d like, evenly like wallpaper or clustered together. But, you can also position the Mini
Eden decals on inventive surfaces—mirrors, doors, cabinets…you name it!
At Urbanwalls, all of our decals are designed to go on smooth, flat, texture-free surfaces, but that doesn’t mean ONLY walls. Cover your doors with the little posies to create an entryway into your own secret garden.
Looking for more ideas?  We’ve really fallen in love with placing florals around or on your mirrors. There’s just something about seeing your reflection surrounded by swirling blossoms that makes you feel good—sort of like you’re surrounded by fairy magic.
Tell us, do you have any inventive ideas for our Mini Eden decal pack? We’d love to hear them, but not as much as we’d love to see them! Tag us in your pictures on Instagram using @urbanwalls for a chance to be featured!
Remember, June is the Month of Eden at Urbanwalls and this week we’re giving away a pack of our Mini Eden decals. Head over to our Instagram to discover how you can win, but stay tuned each week for all of our Eden-inspired giveaways! We hope you win so we can see all of your designs!