Love Denise Elliott

#LoveDeniseElliott—and Her Window Display!

You guys already know we make wall decals. That’s a no-brainer. But did you know we make special decals to go on windows and glass? That means you can leave little messages to yourself on your bathroom mirror, like Denise Elliott Beauty Co. did for their Media VIP Launch Party!

To get ready for Denise Elliott Beauty Co.’s Grand Opening in North Vancouver, we came on the scene to add a personalized decal to their window display. The party and company’s hashtag is #LoveDeniseElliott (and love we do), so we created a glass-friendly decal to pop in their storefront with the sentiment.

Not only does the window look great for the day-to- day traffic, but it acted as a creative little photo booth backdrop for the party guests! And of course, seeing “#LoveDeniseElliott” made it easy to remember the event hashtag for all the great photos that were being taken in front of the store.

Inside, we added a few words of affirmation on the mirrors of the salon stations. Because it’s nice to know you’re beautiful when you’re getting your hair done…particularly when you’re head is wrapped in foil and you look more like an antenna than a woman.

Congratulations Denise Elliott Beauty Co. on the launch of your perfect store! We loved being a part of your big day!

Interested in adding a little dazzle to your storefront? We’d love to brainstorm a design that fits your brand and gives your store that curb appeal you’re looking for! Or, maybe you just want a mirror reminder that you’re hot. Either way, we’re you’re girls!

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