Get to know Erin and Amy, Sunny Circle Studio Collection

Get to Know the Designers: Erin and Amy of Sunny Circle Studio

Q: In one sentence, how would you describe your business?

A: Sunny Circle Studio is a Raleigh, NC-based interior design duo that works with clients across the U.S. to help define their style and elevate their spaces.


Q: In three words, how would you describe yourself? 

A: Playful. Polished. Personal.

Q: In one word, how would you describe your personal design style?

A: Evolving.

PEEL AND STICK WALLPAPER DESIGN: Birds of a Feather Wallpaper

Q: How do you find inspiration for new ideas, trends, and styles?

A: Of course, we always love seeing what other interior designers are doing on social media—and beautiful spaces in general—but we really do find inspiration everywhere. Just being out in the world. Travel. Architecture. Nature. Fashion. Food. Each other. You name it. Great ideas can come from anywhere.

Q: What is your favourite personal or household item to splurge on?

A: Vintage furniture pieces.

Q: If you could change it in the blink of an eye, what crazy colour would you paint your walls?

A: Magenta.


Q: Describe what motivated and inspired you to embark on this path.

A: We met well over a decade ago working as creative partners in an ad agency in Atlanta—but even then we were both obsessed with interiors. The path to make it our career was never a direct one, but we've never stopped taking on bigger creative challenges, strengthening our partnership and designing new spaces to make it happen. In some ways, it seems serendipitous because we're so grateful and amazed to be here. But looking back, the entire journey's been full of years of hard work—especially for Erin since she's the one who established and built up the Sunny Circle Studio brand.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your brand or artist journey?

A: Home is such a personal thing. It's the backdrop for so much of our lives, so it's really an honor to get to help people create the spaces that they want to be surrounded by every day. 

Q: Describe what it means to you to be on this path, and how have you grown since starting out.

A: Initially, Sunny Circle Studio was me, Erin, making my house a home and sharing the experience along the way on my blog and Instagram. Through that, I've gained some pretty amazing clients and followers—and gotten to work on some really cool projects. In 2023, Sunny Circle officially welcomed my bestie and creative partner in crime, Amy, into the mix. Now, we're both living the dream—working together, doing what we love every day and looking for even more opportunities to shape statement spaces for cool clientele. 

Q: Reflect on the journey that you have taken and how it has shaped who you are today. What excites you the most about having your own unique style reflected in your wall decor?

A: As interior designers, we typically are searching all over the place to pull together a mix of elements to develop an aesthetic. So it's been really fun to literally start from scratch and create our own collection of wall coverings that can serve as a basis for even more designs. 

Our goal was to create a variety of wallpaper, murals and decals that played with color, shape and scale in simple but interesting ways that were somehow connected. And since we are Sunny Circle Studio, we found inspiration in our name—deciding to base every design off of what can be made from a circle, half circle or quarter circle. We're super excited to bring our style to life (for walls!) and be able to share it with a new audience.

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