Get to Know Mia Parres: The Heritage Collection

Get to Know Mia Parres: The Heritage Collection

Q. In one sentence, how would you describe your business?

A: MPD is a high-end residential design firm that passionately curates client visions of home, crafting authentically curated, meaningful spaces destined to be layered with memories.

Q. In three words, how would you describe yourself?

A: Thoughtful, creative and driven.

mia parres designs collaberation with urbanwalls the heritage collection

Q. In one word, how would you describe your personal design style?

A: Layered.

 Q. If you could change it in the blink of an eye, what crazy colour would you paint your walls?

A: Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore. My new favourite neutral.

brown bed with oak tree wall paper by mia parres design and urbanwalls

Q. Describe what motivated and inspired you to embark on this path.

A: I grew up in a very creative household. Both of my parents are in the arts - my dad is a theme park architect, and my mum is a creative art director who manages her own art gallery and the downtown arts and events. Growing up I wanted to be an architect like my dad, and then I made the shift into interiors as it felt so natural.
I’ve also always loved the theatre and set design, so working in television behind the scenes for design was also an incredible facet of my career. It helped transition me into hosting and being an on camera designer for HGTV, which has also helped my residential design firm blossom, grow and learn so much from my journey. 

Forest Bouquet Wallpaper and console with caning

Q. What is the most rewarding part of your brand or artist journey?9. Describe what it means to you to be on this path, and how have you grown since starting out.

A: The most rewarding part of my brand is being able to curate thoughtful spaces that my clients have waited their entire lives for. Some have saved and dreamt of their homes in anticipation of one day being able to transform their vision into reality. Being considered for this role in project managing and conceptualizing their dreams is such an honour. Especially when clients love our work and come to us for our distinct MPD style. Once it becomes a reality and they can see themselves and our MPD vision reflected in their homes, its truly a beautiful experience to share together.

woman comparing wallpaper samples in natural light

Q. Reflect on the journey that you have taken and how it has shaped who you are today. What excites you the most about having your own unique style reflected in your wall decor?

A: I’m always growing and learning as an individual and a creative design business owner. I think it’s important to always challenge and reinvent yourself in both aspects of your life. I’m constantly thinking of ways to reinvent my business and grow. I think a big part of that early on was the exposure to the design world, working for other creatives and soaking up how others branded themselves and ran their businesses. I also like to think of our business as more universal and take lessons for all different areas of entrepreneurship. Opening ABODE, my linen and loungewear company, with a business partner was a wonderful way to collaborate with another individual who was interested in exploring the entrepreneurship world. We’ve learned so many positive and challenging lessons in our 3 years of business.
This is also the case for MPD and growing Team MPD. In order to scale our business larger, sometimes we have to be flexible with our business decisions and
realize that not every year is going to look the same. I think I’ve really grown to see the challenges and set backs as positives, because I always take away a positive lesson. I do really believe the key to success is resiliency.

 the heritage collection by mia parres designs exclusively for urbanwalls

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